Saturday, October 11, 2008



Lots of stuff to say about the opener but too tired for it right now. Must sleep. For now I'll just say, here we come Stanley Cup! The Buffalo Sabres are never losing again!


brian s. said...

Sorry to say heather, but i blame hank and sekera for the goal against. they ran into each other and left lang alone at the far post. not cool.

other than that the team was fine though, eh?

LeeAndrew said...

A 2-1 win in overtime. That's...cute. But it's no 4 - 1 win!

Heather B. said...

Brian, I'm down with that. That goal was totally on Hank and Andrej. More on that coming up in a few minutes!

Mark B said...

Man, I need some whitening done on those teeth :)

Seriously, what a game!

TheSharpie said...

When I flew in on Thursday I was on the wrongs side of the plane to see the Arena, but I did see it as I was flying out today, along with the Aud. Although you don't remember the Aud it holds a lot of memories for many Sabres fans. It was odd to think that it won't be there next time I fly in.