Monday, October 13, 2008

Odds and Ends

Odds and ends while waiting for 2:00:

- One of the coolest things to come out of the Heather and Kate story in TBN last week is that I've gotten a couple of emails from Buffalo fans currently living in Alabama. And that's in addition to the Buffalo fan I already knew of living in Alabama. I don't know why but knowing you guys are out there totally tickles me. So which one of you is having me and Mark over on game nights between 12/22 and 12/27 when we're visiting the family for Christmas? :P

- I just want to give a little shout-out to Mike Harrington because I know he's responsible for my name being passed along to the right people for last week's story. In a recent post on Sabres Edge he officially came out as a blog reader and I can tell you from conversations with him over the past year or so that, unlike a lot of sportswriters, he totally gets and appreciates fan blogs. In addition to that, I think he clearly loves what he does and genuinely appreciates and respects the people who read what he writes. I've been very critical of a lot of TBN's coverage and writers in the past but Mike's a good egg.

- A quick baseball aside: During Game Three of the Boston-Tampa Bay series, the announcers shared that Red Sox manager Terry Francona has a bucket of Dubble Bubble in the dugout and he goes through an absurd amount in a game. I'm fully cheering for the Rays but I can't even tell you how much this tidbit of info made me love Francona. My mom used to buy the same bucket back in my softball days and I blew through those things. The announcers marveled at how many pieces Francona chewed an inning but it makes sense. While it tastes really good at first, Dubble Bubble loses its taste in about 45 seconds. It also gets really hard really fast. The best way to combat both of those issues is to keep adding new pieces. The only thing that could've made me love Francona more is if he'd pulled a pack of Big League Chew out of his back pocket.

- While being interviewed by a real reporter was weird enough, being photographed for the newspaper was totally bizarre. Kate and I spent a good half hour or so debating what exactly one wears for a blogging photo shoot. Should we wear Sabres gear or go logo-less? Was a t-shirt adequate or should I go whole hog and wear the jersey? Should we stay casual since that's how we usually blog or get a little more dressed up since a lot of people were going to see this? We had finally decided Kate would wear her prom dress and I would wear my wedding dress and then we remembered that Kate didn't actually go to her prom and my wedding dress is in Alabama. Alas. John Hickey, the TBN photographer, was very good-natured and extremely patient with us while we struggled not to crack up. He even let Kate's friend Robin document the moment for us.

Kate and I do our best Stephen Colbert fake typing.

- There's a car commercial out now that uses a couple of lines from David Bowie's Space Oddity and while the lines they use are harmless ("Ground control to Major Tom...") it really bothers me that they used this song. Major Tom floats off into space never to return! That is not a positive connotation, car company I can't remember!

- It'd be really nice to score a power play goal today.


Kirsten said...

I don't have a team to cheer for in the playoffs this year. The Rays I guess. Warm and fuzzy factor.

amy said...

I love that yellow wall color in the background of the photoshoot photo. Its such a cheery color.

And we had Dubble Bubble in the candy dish at work for awhile. Every time you opened the candy jar, you could smell the sugar from the gum wafting up from the jar.

Meg said...

Major Tom floats off into space never to return! That is not a positive connotation, car company I can't remember!

Ugh . . . it's like when that company was using The Cure's "Pictures of You." The song doesn't make me want to buy a photo printer--it's depressing, people!

Chaz said...

I love how Charlotte was doing her best to protect you from the Camera man. =)

I also just realized the game is at 2:00 today. I guess I kept ignoring that fact. I also can't stream video or audio at work, which totally SUCKS. I guess I'll have to settle with send the Sabres my good juju.

Heather B. said...

Kirsten, I do mostly like the Rays - young, low payroll, never won before - but there is a little bit of default there. I'm not cheering for the Sox even though I do like most of the players and I have zero interest in either of the NL teams.

Amy, that's actually Robin's house - Kate is crashing with her right now - but I'll pass along the compliment! For the record, Charlotte is also Robin's dog.

Ugh . . . it's like when that company was using The Cure's "Pictures of You."

Yes, exactly! I'm a little relieved I'm not the only one overthinking things here :)

Kate said...

I would ALSO like to thank Mike Harrington!

I would also like to thank YOU Heather, for not publishing the picture of me vainly fixing my hair during the photo shoot. Heh. :P

Caitlin said...

When I heard that car commercial, I was like, "WTF?! Have they ever listened, fully, to that song?!"

It's like the fact that Preparation H for years has tried to get the Cash family to let them use "Ring of Fire" in their commercials and the Cash family turns 'em down. Mainly because A) the song and the commercial don't really jive and B) eww!

And wow! Look at how awesome you and Kate are! Well played, Heather, well played!

dani said...

Oh! I forgot to tell you Congrats as well, Heather!

You both do a mighty fine job of fake typing (and real typing :P).

Your brother, John said...

You got a dog!!!!

LeeAndrew said...

Buffalo fans living in Alabama? Poor guys. The lack of hockey talk in Alabama is only magnified by the fact that Alabama football is back on top.

amy said...

I think the Sabres multiple power play goal display today is definitely a sign that they (or someone close to them) reads Top Shelf.

peter-usrt said...

Gee, I must've come across one of those Alabama Sabre fans on my last visit to Turner Field in Atlanta when a dude came across a bunch of sections to get a photo of me in my throwback blue and gold(actually it's really old) jersey. Said he's from Birmingham..

Yep, Harrington's cool, Hickey's great. Just my opinion...