Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Evil Might Be Afoot, Buffalo!

I'll be honest, I've struggled to get into a blogging groove so far this season. I'm not worried or anything - we're still early in and I definitely got out of the habit of blogging every day in the summer - but some nights it's been a battle to get some coherent thoughts down.

At first I thought maybe it was the varying game times. I'd definitely gotten into a routine for game watching and post-game blogging last season but that routine centered around a 7:00/7:30 start time. Every time we've had a couple of those times in a row this season we've suddenly had a 2:00 or 8:00 or 9:00 dropped in the middle.

And then I opened the online version of the Buffalo News this morning and I figured out what is really responsible for my slow-to-come mojo.

Bucky Gleason.

Seriously. Did you read Bucky's column about Buffalo being awarded the World Juniors? It's so friggin' HAPPY! He compliments the Sabres ownership group! He says nice things about TOM GOLISANO! And he's been like this all season! He likes the individual players! He likes the team as a whole! He's excited about the future of the franchise! He's being kind of funny and a little tiny bit self-deprecating!

This was fine for the week or so leading up to the season and after the first few games. I could enjoy that. I was right, Bucky was wrong and even he had to admit it albeit it in a way that totally avoided admitting he'd been wrong about anything. But now things have gone on too long and I'm starting to feel a little discombobulated. I practically built Top Shelf on ripping Bucky Gleason. Bucky Gleason writing stupid things is the very foundation of everything else. What's a girl to do when her arch rival suddenly goes straight? What would Superman do if Lex Luthor started pouring his millions of dollars into underfunded schools and the local arts? What would Batman do if Joker started walking little old ladies across the street and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club? And didn't kill any of the little kids?!

Actually I've read enough comic books in my day to know the answer to this: They'd be suspicious. Reaaaaal suspicious. Even Superman, the big blue boy scout, would wonder what all those good deeds were leading to, what nefarious scheme Lex was cooking up. I can only hope Bucky is working on something really dastardly. When it breaks, I'll be here to watch over you, Buffalo.

I'm on to you, Gleason. (Please click to enlarge and read. It's worth it.)


Zach said...

Hey there is a nice slam in that Bucky article from yesterday. He does rip into Senator Schumer pretty good. So there is still of his old form, its just not directed at the team.

Meg said...

This Bucky thing has been . . . discombobulating. I've actually been OK reading his column of late. I think he might indeed be trying to lure us into a sense of complacency.

One sign that Bucky is still Bucky though: He manages to compliment Golisano's "troops" and the organization without once mentioning Larry Quinn's name despite the fact that according to the Buffalo News itself Quinn spearheaded the effort to get the tournament in Buffalo. That's strangely comforting.

Kate said...

Aw, Bucky's your muse!

Kate said...

(Also, hilarious post.)

Mark B said...

He's still an idiot, though. From his Monday column about Teppo:

"That’s precisely why the Sabres signed him to another one-year deal. Some wondered why the Sabres would re-sign him when there were younger defensemen available who weren’t coming off heart surgery. The Sabres were convinced his health issues were solved and wanted a dependable player, a respected leader and a thinker."

Hey, Bucky. Some = you. Be a man and admit it!

Heather B. said...

Zach, it's NO FUN when it's not aimed at the team! :P

Meg and Mark, you both make good points. But it's just not as much fun having to actually rifle through Bucky's writings and pick out one line! I miss tearing apart entire columns!

Aw, Bucky's your muse!

... Crap.

Zach said...

Crap, I totally forgot to see if you read Bucky's weekly chats on Sabres Edge for inspiration. Most weeks they aren't half bad.