Monday, October 13, 2008

The Buffalo Sabres Are Never Losing Again!

Well, darn. I had a snarky post all ready to go about the power play but the Sabres actually scored three PP goals yesterday. I wasn't expecting that. I mean, I still think overall they looked much, much better shorthanded than with the man advantage but you can't really argue with results.

But did you notice that yesterday morning I suggested we score a few PP goals... and then yesterday afternoon we did? As Amy pointed out in the comments, I'm pretty sure that proves once and for all that the Sabres, at least the ones on the PP units, are reading Top Shelf. Because that's the kind of little detail that only a blogger would think of, you know? Pommers, if you're reading this, tap your helmet three times and then wink and shoot a finger gun into the camera when you skate out for warm-ups on Wednesday night.

The Islanders are clearly a very bad hockey team. I know Rick DiPietro wasn't playing but there's really only so much even a good goalie can do. Man. So I know there are Sabres fans out there thinking, "We beat a really bad team. So what? You're supposed to beat really bad teams!"

And to you I'd say, you're right. We should absolutely be beating the Islanders of the world. But how many times last season did we sit on our couches, recliners, bar stools and arena seats and pull out our friggin' hair while watching the Sabres flail around and play down to teams far less talented than them? I don't think I can even count the number of times. Good teams beat bad teams so it was pretty refreshing to see this game go exactly the way it should have.

- God bless Craig Rivet. I've never been so happy to see someone get two game misconducts in one game before in my life.

- Nice to get a win with the back-up. Again, it wasn't the most challenging opponent but Patrick Lalime did make some good saves and he kept the Sabres in the game until they took off. That's really all you can ask from the guy. I was a little surprised to see him get the call so early but I think it shows that Lindy Ruff is serious about mixing him in on a regular schedule.

- Totally funny seeing Ryan Miller on a chair in the aisle. It looked like they plopped him down in the crowd.

- Hank, please, please, please play better. I thought maybe I was the only one who noticed him not looking very good in the middle of what was overall a very well-played game but Mike Harrington called him out on Sabres Edge. I was a little worried Hank was going to be traded in the middle of the night to make room for Mike Weber. He's still a Sabre this morning, right?

- I can't find it now but I read somewhere that not only was that Thomas Vanek's first short-handed goal in the NHL, it was his first short-handed goal at any level of hockey. He sounded pretty happy about it too which is really cute. The first two games suggest that there's going to be a lot of special teams action so it would be great to see him continue to develop into a dependable penalty killer.

Back to work today. Bummer.


Vanek's Hair said...

Are the Islanders still an NHL team? My oh my did they look AWFUL! But nice to see the Sabres take advantage and drill them. Both on the scoreboard and in the "fight." I liked that Kaleta had a clean takedown on Brendan Witt (and his mullet).

The forwards still need to get a bit more in sync, but that will come with time. They worked hard yesterday. The PP still looks like it stuggles with aggressive PK teams. (OK, so I am nitpicking).

It is refreshing to see a backup goaltender come in and not be a total greasefire.

Mark B said...

I've noticed Hank with a few giveaways, but I don't think he's been as bad as Mike suggests. I noticed specifically in the Montreal game a couple nice poke checks close to the net. Plus Darcy isn't one to make early season trades. So don't worry!

It makes me feel so good watching us against a team like the Islanders. I think I'd rather have good young players like Pommers, Derek, Ryan, Van etc. with a Rivet and Teppo sprinkled in than be couting on over the hill types like Bill Guerin and Doug Weight.

Oh yeah, while I'm on the topic of Doug Weight. I still hate your guts, Mr. Weight. That guy who you checked from behind and didn't know his name: it's POMINVILLE. And he makes more than you do now. Or he should if he doesn't (too lazy to look it up).


PinkJerseysSuck said...

i did love seeing about 10,000 empty seats. classy, isles. classy.