Sunday, October 5, 2008

Next Up... Real Hockey!

I wish I could say I was attentively watching the Sabres and taking meticulous notes but I really wasn't. I was partly distracted by the Bills-induced moaning and crying coming from the other room and partly just... distracted. It was nice to actually see a preseason game but in the end it's still a preseason game, you know? I'm a firm believer that you can't place too much importance on what happens in a preaseason game. For example, no way Ryan Miller gives up that crap ass goal in a real game. Right, Ryan?

The important thing is this: Henrik Tallinder was in the top six where he belongs. Looking at the pairs I think it's probably likely that he and Teppo Numminen are currently the third pairing but I'm fine with that. Lindy, you were pushing it but I'm happy to say that I'm not going to use the domain that I bought after all. It's there though, Ruff so stay on your toes.

So let's talk about some other sports:

- Wow, I'm guessing everyone who ran around looking for an antenna so they could watch the Bills game is real happy they did so. When I first met Mark I thought the "Buffalo is cursed" thing was kind of ridiculous but I don't know. It's one thing to lose your starting QB. Hey, it happens. But to start the season 4-0, getting everyone's hopes up, and THEN lose your starting QB? That's harsh, dude. In J.P. Losman's defense however it's hardly his fault the defense wouldn't have been able to stop me from scoring today. Hopefully this is not a Tim Connolly fall off the face of the earth level concussion.

- I'm way behind but I've been thinking about this for a while. People are being awfully harsh on Vince Young. I guess I understand why but I don't know, isn't it possible that he's realized that he just doesn't really want to play football? And is it that bad if that's how he feels? Don't people go out into the workforce after college and realize they kind of hate their chosen field all the time? I'm totally speculating here, I know, but if that's what's happening, how hard do you think it is for a still young kid who has probably gotten a whole lot of what he has in life because he was a great football player to realize he might hate playing pro ball? I guess if I was a Titans fan I might be frustrated but some of the criticism of Young has been a little much, I think.

- I've watched more of the first round of the baseball playoffs this year than I have in the last few years but I don't know why because it's been a pretty boring round so far. I was really pulling for the Angels to beat the Red Sox - as I'm writing this we're in the 11th inning of Game 3 so I don't know if the series is over yet or not - but I am pretty happy that Jason Bay has had such a good series. I'm sorry it's not in a Pirates jersey but when he was traded I heard a lot of grumbling that it was one thing to be good in Pittsburgh where he got very little attention and another thing to be good under the bright lights of playoff baseball in Boston. So far he's doing all right for himself.

- I haven't made a final decision yet but I think I might be pulling for the Rays and their itty bitty payroll to win the whole shebang.


Lee Andrew said...

It doesn't matter that the Angels finally won. The Angels/Red Sox series was over the second the Rays clinched the East forcing the Angels to play the Sox. The Angels could have Bonds, Mantle and Ted Williams in the outfield and they'd lose to the Red Sox.

It's funny that you've watched the first round more than ever. I've watched the first round less than ever, as in not at all. I completely despise every single team in the playoffs except the Rays.

I'm thrilled the Cubs got swept but by the Phillies, ick! The Phillies aren't even THAT good but everybody thinks they are simply because the Mets handed them the division the past two years. And the Dodgers? They were like the 8th best team in the NL this year but played in a crappy division. What a horrible NLCS match up. They should just award the Championship to the winner of the Rays vs. Red Sox.

Heather said...

I would've said the same thing about the Dodgers but they looked really good in the couple of games I saw against the Cubs. Granted, the Cubs looked like the Bad News Bears at times...

I don't think you're wrong about the AL teams being much stronger than the NL teams however so we'll have to see how it pans out.

Lee Andrew said...

The Dodgers are definitely a streaky team. They could streak their way into the World Series but one of my pet peeves is that they are even in the playoffs. A team a few games over .500 should not be in the playoffs over so many teams that could be in their place.

The Dodgers played in the weakest division. If they were really a playoff caliber team shouldn't they have feasted off of that and had the BEST record in the league like the Angels? Instead the Dodgers played the weakest division and still only managed a tie for 7th. If the Dodgers played in the Central they would be in fifth place!

I'm sure MLB would never admit it but I'd be pretty embarrassed if the team that represented me as the champion was the team that finished 15th during the regular season. In hockey terms, they're an 8 seed (okay technically they would be higher since they won their division but I mean based on record alone they are only a 8 seed).

That being said, I hope they kick the Phillies' butts and I'd rather see Joe Torre win another championship without the Yankees than anybody else in the NL. Why couldn't they win any playoff games when Mike Piazza was there though? Stupid Dodgers.