Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Hits

From the comments:

I blame you all (particularly Heather and her God-fooling ways) for causing Rivet's knee surgery.

Hold up there, Matty. Captain Craig was hurt BEFORE I wrote this post. I'm not ready to take full blame here. What kind of gods can't take a little good-natured sarcasm?

(But I'm not going to mention Derek Roy scoring/not scoring again just in case.)

Far be it from me to delight in someone being mean to a former Sabre who left me with some pretty negative feelings but I did have a little bit of a chuckle at this comment from a Comcast Sportsnet interview with Jeremy Roenick about whether or not the Sharks miss Brian Campbell:

No, especially when we picked up Boyle,” Roenick said. “A lot of guys on this team would prefer Boyle [for] his overall playing ability. Campbell is an unbelievable hockey player. Probably didn’t play as well as he should have in the playoffs which might have left a bad taste in the fan’s mouth … we wish him the best, but life goes on.

Heh. Most hockey players would probably just roll around in their big fat pile of cash until they felt better but Campbell, he's a sensitive soul. I'm pretty sure he's out there somewhere crying.


Evan J said...

I wish I had a big pile of cash to roll around in.

Anonymous said...

Zing! =)

Anonymous said...

Also... how did Rivet even get hurt? I can't seem to figure/find that out. He played, I go to bed, I wake up, he had surgery. WTF? Did I miss something during the game when the power went out (other than a pretty goal)?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind! I just caught Lindy's interview on the website. I apologize, I was wildly wrong.

Lee Andrew said...

Brian Campbell is a pretty big loser for somebody who is just three letters away from being Bruce Campbell.

Jonathan said...

5-0-1, and you're all looking for stuff to blame each other for??