Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The NHL Confuses Me

Okay, here's one thing I don't get about the NHL:

Walking down the hallway and screaming and swearing at opponent = $2,500 fine

Major boarding penalty = $100 fine

Neither fine is particularly damaging to these guys' wallets and I am in no way endorsing Adam Mair's actions - he totally lost control of himself - but seriously, which one of the above infractions is potentially more damaging to the opposing player? I'm sure these guys swear at each other for 60 plus minutes. The only difference here is that Mair was screaming at players in street clothes.

I am the first person to criticize Fox's baseball coverage. I think it's consistently awful. But they did a really cool thing tonight after the Series clinching strike out. They replayed that last strike over and over, each time with the camera focused on a different Philadelphia player. First they replayed it with the focus on Brad Lidge, then they replayed it with the focus on Ryan Howard and they went around the field, into the dugout and even up in the owner's box. No musical cues, no commentary from the talking heads, just the sound of the crowd and the players celebrating over and over. It was really neat to see everyone's different immediate reactions. Mark and I decided when the Sabres win the Stanley Cup we want to see this although it is admittedly easier to do with baseball where all the players are in stationary positions waiting for the pitch.

Congratulations, Philadelphia! I guess.


bucky said...

If you think that confuses you, how about a player getting suspended for two games in the AHL for simply giving another player the finger!

Heather B. said...

Bucky Gleason, is that you?! I knew you loved my blog! I KNEW IT!

But seriously, yeah an actual suspension for that - much less two games - seems pretty harsh. I'm sure that middle finger really, really hurt that other guy's feelings.

Sabres on the Warpath said...

It's all Ottawa's fault.

Vanek's Hair said...

Thanks for the props to the Phillies. Vanek's Hair is in a very celebratory mood. I would like to thank the Phillies for giving me a week long birthday celebration.

bucky said...

hahah i'm not bucky gleason.. i suppose when commenting on sabres hockey blogs i should use my real name rather than nickname

Lee Andrew said...

Congratulations Phillies??

I think that is grounds for deleting this site from my bookmars.