Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Sabres Are Following Me!

As luck would have it (I guess), the restaurant we ate at last night had the Sabres game on. Crazy, no? I made my mom switch places with me so I was facing the TV but between eating, talking, and the distance of the TV I missed most of the game. I did see enough that my family was treated to a twenty minute discourse on why the shootout/third point is killing the Sabres and hockey as we know it. Judging by the way their eyes were glazing over, I think maybe the brilliance of it was wasted on them. We did have a funny moment though while discussing fighting and how the Sabres don't do much of it. I told them our enforcer isn't good enough at hockey to play very much and that it's hard to fight from the bench. That was promptly followed by our enforcer taking a swing at someone... from the bench. What a dope.

Alabama is weird, you guys! I lucked across the game tonight but if I didn't go out of my way to keep tabs on the Sabres I would never accidentally run across that information. No hockey on TV, no hockey on the radio, no hockey in the newspaper. No hockey! It does not exist! I might see how long it takes me to learn the score of Wednesday's game. If I didn't cave and look it up (which I will) I'll bet I could get all the way back to Buffalo without finding out. It shouldn't be a surprise to me that Alabama doesn't exactly embrace hockey - I only lived here for twenty-one and a half years - but after living with the Buffalo crazies for almost eight years it's kind of mind-boggling.

While watching the game, I totally missed that Dmitri Kalinin and Jaroslav Spacek were hurt. Here's a re-dramatization of my response when I read that on Sabres Edge (it could be weeks?!) as performed by my nephew Luke:

I was not sitting in a laundry basket at the time though this team might eventually drive me to that. I forgot this game was on Versus. I don't suppose they at least gave us Hank in a suit, did they? Losers.


Anne said...

Haha, your nephew is adorable and I totally agree that these boys might cause us all to revert back to our youth. I used to tip the rocking chair over in the living room and pretend I was in jail (I have issues, apparently) so, rocking chairs of WNY, be on alert!

shelli said...

Sorry, no suit. I watched the whole game and still missed that Spacek and Kalinin were injured. I think you are right, Heather. God DOES hate Buffalo. Any hope of bringing up some good D from Rochester?

Also, how is it that Miller is so amazing during the game but seems weak in the shoot-out? Is he just tired or is the shoot-out just not his forte?

Hope you are enjoying your Alabama family time! Snow on Saturday, 60-odd degrees by Tuesday. Just like old times, huh?

Heather B. said...

Shelli, I think he's partly tired - he's never played so many games in a season - but it's crazy because last year he was AWESOME at shootouts. When we got to shootouts I considered the game over, victory ours because he was almost a sure thing. I don't know what's happened to turn that around this season but I'm not really enjoying it, I have to say. He looks like a totally different guy.

S.A.M. said...

awww your nephew is a doll! IO remeber sitting in laundy baskets as a kid, it was so fun! (don't know why but yeah..)

It is strange how in some places hockey just doesn't seem to exist. Though I know that the University of Alabama-Huntsville has a DI hockey team- they play int he same conference as Niagara U of all places- and at various times they have had teams in the ECHL *AA minor league hockey* and SPHL *Southern Professional Leage, Minor League A level*(and may currently have some in the SPHL, I can't keep track of those guys) but even with that, if you're not in the same city (and sometimes even if you are) as the team, no one even knows what hockey is.

It's like that in Louisiana too.. when we visit my cousins all look at me like some strange species of animal when I tell them I worked for a hockey team for a year. suich is life in the south. I hope you're getting some good home cookin!

oh yes and random side note, Hank's pin the Sabres pin collection comes out next Monday- as I'm sure you know if you care about that sort of thing- do you want it? Do you already have plans to buy it? Because I've heard they are going fast in the city, but have 'em out here and the demand seems to be much less so I'm sure I could score you one if you wanted. just let me know.

Oh and I did start that hockey blog I mentioned. Feel free to stop by!

Patty (in Dallas) said...

What an adorable nephew! I have a nephew named Luke, too!

When I drive to Tulsa and back, I often think how I'm glad I'm not an OU fan, because if there's a game going on while I'm on the road, there will be hand-painted score updates propped up at fruit stands along the highway! Hard to close your eyes so you don't see the score! But I can go a week up there and never hear or see a single thing about hockey. :D