Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hello. My Name Is... Jochen Hecht.

I scrolled through some pictures from the Sabres recent Aces and Blades event and really people, this is too much. I know he's underappreciated, I know some of you don't think he's really that important, I know his name is not as flashy as "Briere" or "Drury" but Jochen Hecht just signed a four year extension. He's been one of our best players this season. In a season riddled with inconsistency he's been as steady as the setting sun. He's worn the C for most of the season. So what's up with this?

He's wearing a photo ID badge! At a Sabres event, one of the Sabres is wearing a photo ID badge! There are pictures of Ryan Miller and Paul Gaustad and Derek Roy and Adam Mair and none of them are wearing ID badges. I don't know why but this totally cracks me up and it FILLS me with affection for Yo-Yo. I love that everyone else either never put their badges on or threw them aside at the first opportunity but Yo-Yo is either such a stickler for the rules or so sure that no one would recognize him without his name and number on his back that he left his on. What a doll.

I don't even know what to say about the game tomorrow. In the Sabres and the Senators we have two teams that can look either dominant or pathetic depending on the night. It just depends on which version of each team shows up. If the good versions of both teams come out, it could be a really fun, exciting game to watch. If the bad versions of both teams come out, it could be some darn ugly hockey. If one good version shows up to play one bad version, well, I hope the Sabres are the good ones because it could get brutal. (I don't mind if it's brutal in our favor.) At any rate, Mark and I will be there tomorrow for our last appearance at HSBC this season. I'm currently weighing going with crutches vs. going sans crutches. For the last few days I've been going out without crutches and doing okay but the ol' ankle does start to hurt eventually and it swells up like crazy which is uncomfortable. Since the Sabres have caused a fair amount of discomfort themselves over the course of the last few weeks, I haven't decided yet what my best course of action is. Oh, if you're one of those people who enjoys reading the other side's point-of-view, I would keep an eye on Scarlett Ice, one of my favorite blogs on this here internet, for the next couple of days. Sherry's pretty cool even for a dirty Sens fan :P

There is one other thing I wanted to talk about but it involves me having to walk alllll the way over to the desktop computer which is way too much to deal with right now. Maybe later. For now just enjoy Jochen.


Jennifer said...

Heather, weren't you on crutches last week when Buffalo blew Tampa Bay out of the water? I think you brought good karma to the boys and you need to keep the crutches (just in case you need to beat the crap out of anyone).

Heather B. said...

Jennifer, good point. I was indeed on crutches and it just might have been me threatening to beat Derek Roy with one of them that turned the team around. Food for thought! :-D

Jennifer said...

Oh, and I was just looking at the pictures from the Aces and Blades event and, while I think Staffy is a little cutie pie, he should really stay away from white shirts, it blends with his skin too much! The guys looked like they might have know what they were doing, so let's hope it carries over to tomorrow night.

Anne M said...

He probably kept it on because he's used to media people not recognizing him. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if even some sports reporters don't know him by sight. Which is pathetic, but he gets very little press. You are one of the few hockey writers who regularly points out how important he is to the team.

I vote for taking your crutches. Don't mess with mojo.

GCFB said...

Well we all know the Germans are sticklers for Identification. So he would have felt naked without some form of ID on him.

I will also be at the Ottawa game, of course they lost both times I've went this year. So hopefully your mojo outdoes my mojo.

Amy said...

I think Peters might've been wearing an ID badge, too. But its Peters, so who knows why he was wearing it.

Add me to the "take the crutches" list. Don't mess with the mojo.

Sherry said...

I think being a dirty Sens fan is what MAKES me cool, thank you very much.

Why, HELLO Jochen.

S.A.M. said...

aww Yo-Yo is too cute. I saw the photos on and there was no Staffy,Royzie, Goose or miller. Where are THOSE Pics?

but the one of Kotalik that I did see looks totally creepy.

I think Lyudman had his ID badge on too..

Great post. Enjoy the game tomorrow, bring the crutches!

Gambler said...

Awwww, Yo-Yo! I love how he's not jochen around with his ID, because he just assumes no one will recognize him. So cute!

By the way, Heather, the photo of Hank in this series scared the bejeezus out of me. That's some freaky red-eye he has going on!

Stick with the crutches. Beyond not messing with the mojo, who knows if you're going to need them to actually knock some sense into the players.(Watch out, Roy-Z!)