Monday, March 3, 2008

I Still Got Not Much

On one side of the city we have The Buffalo News. On the other side of the city we have WGR. While it's unlikely that we're going to hear about Paul Hamilton pulling a shiv on Mike Harrington any time soon, I couldn't help but read these two opposing columns (and the comments on the TBN post) and picture the following:

JERRY SULLIVAN: In, out, let's get crackin'.

BUCKY GLEASON: Where you gonna find Paul Hamilton?

MIKE HARRINGTON: At the presser tonight after the game.

JOHN VOGL: But the presser's neutral territory!

HARRINGTON: (innocently) I'm gonna make nice there! I'm only gonna challenge him.

SULLIVAN: Great, Daddy-O!

HARRINGTON: So everybody dress up sweet and sharp. Meet Vogl and me at ten. And walk tall!

SULLIVAN: We always walk tall!

VOGL: We're The Buffalo News!

GLEASON: The greatest!

Okay, now that I've completely cracked myself up (I'm easily amused) I will attempt to be somewhat serious. I completely understand The Buffalo News being frustrated that Tom Golisano won't return phone calls. He's avoiding the local media and therefore avoiding the local fans and that's not cool. If Darcy Regier can take crap at press conference after press conference, answer phone calls from the press, and go to games at HSBC, Golisano should be able to sack up and do the same. You'd think a businessman such as himself would have skin that's just a little thicker than his appears to be.

But... I do feel a little bit like The Buffalo News is getting what it deserves. When one of the most recognizable faces in your sports department shows up at press conferences and acts like a snotty 12-year-old the way Gleason did last summer ("I know something you don't know :PPPPPPPP") this is what happens. When your columnists are constantly complaining about things they've already complained about a thousand times over while ignoring everything else going on this is what happens. If I were an owner I wouldn't expect a reporter of an independent newspaper to go easy on me but I would expect them to be professional and even-handed. And I don't think I would expect that from some of the people at The Buffalo News. (Some.)

So basically I think everyone involved is right and wrong. How about that for taking a side?


1. Other Sabres related West Side Story things I amused myself thinking about: Derek Roy singing I Feel Pretty, Maxim Afinogenov and Dmitri Kalinin doing a Russian version of America, and Henrik Tallinder singing Maria only with "Heather" instead. (Shut up.) Gee, Officer Krupke is my favorite but I couldn't decide who should be Krupke.

2. Nolan Pratt put two Hannah Montana songs on his Player Tunes list. His daughter is evidently a big fan and I love that he did that even though he knew we were all going to look at his list and laugh.

3. The Sabres are 8-23 in the last 31 games Jochen Hecht has missed due to injury. If he makes it back soon, the season will be saved! I told you guys this was all due to him being out of the line-up!

4. I really like how the forwards pass a stick back to the d-man if the d-man breaks a stick. And I really like how the defensemen pass a stick back to the goalie if he breaks his stick. I enjoy that there's a system for who needs a stick the most.

5. Jason Pominville is a totally adorable captain. And he's really earned it by being one of the most consistent workers on the team this season. Whatever happens in the end, he's been a definite positive for the Sabres.

All right, next time I'll write some real hockey thoughts, I promise.


Meg said...

Given the way the team has been playing of late I think that imagining various journalists and players in West Side Story is infinitely more amusing than actually talking about their performance. :)

Schnookie said...

Heather, you were right. This is the stupidest blog post ever written!

JUST KIDDING! This is fantastic! :^:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Pookie said...

I was promised the stupidest thing ever! I want the stupidest blog post ever!

I so want to see an NHL-themed West Side Story!

Katebits said...


I do have to object, though. I don't think these newspaper/radio guys are manly enough to pull off West Side Story. I think it's more like a bitch fight on Beverly Hills 90210. Brenda vs. Kelly. A classic match-up.

Anonymous said...

Derek Roy singing I Feel Pretty

I think I just hurt myself laughing.

Why limit the Sabres to singing West Side story tunes? I see Andrew Peters busting out into "Shall We Dance" from The King and I.

Heather B. said...

Derek Roy singing I Feel Pretty

I think I just hurt myself laughing.

Amy, that one was definitely my favorite. It was just an obvious fit. I like Andrew Peters doing Shall We Dance? I was just thinking the other day about what I was going to blog about all summer. Maybe I'll match up an NHLer with a Broadway song every day. That'd be must reading for sure, right? No?

Steph said...

I LOVE that stick hierarchy too...what cracks me up even more is when the forwards do it without thinking about who is the recipient of this stick. Like when 6'0" Hemsky thought 6'5"ish right-handed Ladislav Smid could really make use of his left-handed stick. He might as well have used the bottom half of his broken one!

Grumps said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm....once upon a time the NHL did have its own version of West Side Story. Prior to Winnipeg moving to Phoenix we had(drum roll please)

Jets(Winnipeg) vs. Sharks(San Jose)

ba - dum - pum:)

peter - usrt