Monday, December 10, 2007

Tired Legs? Tired Legs?!

You guys barely played any hockey on your west coast road trip! When exactly did your legs get tired? And how do tired legs create stupid turnovers and shots that barely stay in the building?


If I have to sit through a game like this on Wednesday night you might see Dippin' Dots raining down from section 323.


If any fans from opposing teams wander by, I'm currently fielding offers for Ales Kotalik and Maxim Afinogenov. They're not without skill, they're both signed to reasonable contracts, and I need them both out of my sight ASAP. Let me know what you've got. We'll work it out with Lindy and Darcy later.

I've decided I'm kind of pissed at Lindy for scratching Danny Paille. This team's work ethic is terrible and at the very least, Paille always, always plays hard. Everyone plays like garbage in L.A. and Lindy responds by benching one of the hardest workers on the team? Am I missing something?

Mark hit on a great idea. We need to find a way to put the heart and fight of the Bills into the talented bodies of the Sabres. Then Buffalo would have one great team.


Becky said...


brian s. said...

Might Paille actually have a secret injury that the staff isn't letting on about yet?

Heather B. said...

brian, I did wonder about an injury but they said something during the game tonight about Lindy being unhappy with Paille's play in L.A. Seems a little untoward of Lindy to make comments about his play if that's not really why he's sitting... that doesn't really seem like something he'd do.

Gambler said...

Heather, I wouldn't read too much into what was said during the game tonight. I think it was mostly just Beninati talking out of his ass and trying to find something other than Auld to talk about (for once). Plus, he said Lindy didn't like his play in the game in San Jose, which doesn't make any sense since he didn't even play in that game. I think Brian might be on to something with the undisclosed injury theory.

Heather B. said...

Gambler, you could be right. I figured Beninati meant L.A. but it's possible he has no idea what he's talking about. Still... it seems like a weird theory to develop if Lindy didn't actually say something like that.

Did you hear that Auld is a big man who is also a terrific athlete with a pregnant wife? And that he just signed a six month lease in San Jose and then had to move to Boston? Isn't that funny? HAHAHHAHAHAH!

Mark B said...

Speaking of Max and Al, I would have benched them in a heartbeat over Danny. I'm a little biased since Paille has skyrocketed up my favorite Sabres lists, but I have to start questioning Lindy's decisions now.

Garth on Hockey Buzz suggested calling up MacArthur, sending down Ryan, sitting Peters and playing Paille. The only change I would make is sending down Peters and sitting Al or Max. It's not like anyone would claim Mr. Useless on waivers. And at least Ryan works hard and has a modicum of talent.

I can't believe it but I'd rather watch the Bills than the Sabres now.