Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No one looked particularly great tonight - on either team, really - but Ryan Miller was a little soft in spots and that was the difference.

And that's about all I got.

I have to say, I'm not sure how this whole blogging thing is going to work over the next couple of months. It's such a pain in the ass to get to the computer due to the arrangement of the furniture - I have to kind of shimmy in, leading with my casted foot (which is both awkward and nerve-wracking) and once I'm in the only way I can actually sit down puts me at a weird twisted angle that is terribly uncomfortable not that anything about this is comfortable. I will admit that I missed huge chunks of the game because I could not get situated. I was hot and cranky and emotional and god, this blows so bad. What am I supposed to do for three months if I can't even get on the #!!$%@! internet? I was doing okay earlier - I read for a long time, I managed to microwave myself lunch, I wrote some Christmas cards, I played Guitar Hero (and passed Mark which was really my primary goal). It seemed like a fine day... Until I realized I'm going to be living this day every day for three months.

See?! This has nothing to do with hockey! So I don't know, we'll see what happens. Maybe as this becomes more "normal" I'll deal with it better. Right now I'm just a big frikkin' miserable baby and I know you're all tired of listening to me complain already. (It's okay, you don't have to deny it.)

Uhhh... Go Sabres!


Gambler said...

Yeah, there wasn't much to love about that game tonight. Except for Yo-Yo's goal, of course. I'm still not exactly sure how that one went in.

If this injury keeps you from blogging (and I wouldn't blame you if it does, because that sounds really rough) I'm going to be very upset. How will I keep up in Europe without Top Shelf?!

I almost feel bad about getting those tickets for Christmas, now. I feel like if you can't go, I shouldn't either! I'm so sorry, Heather!

Heather B. said...

I feel like if you can't go, I shouldn't either! I'm so sorry, Heather!

Gambler, somebody should go and have fun! I'm very excited for you! :D

However, if you happen to wander across Hank I would love a photo of him holding a posterboard reading, "Hey, Heather! Sorry about your ankle! The Ice Bowl was no fun without you! Get well soon! Love, Hank!" Okay?

And I loved Yo-Yo's goal. I have no idea how it went in either.

karen said...

Maybe a laptop would make a nice post-Christmas present? With a wireless router, so you can get on the internet from your reclining chair?

Gambler said...

Okay, will do. I'll have to bring along the appropriate sign, just in case.

I think Yo-Yo may have borrowed some of Boston's black magick.

Kate said...

I have to insist that you throw financial caution to the wind and buy yourself a laptop. It you had full access to the internet, this ankle injury could end up being the best thing EVER! :P I'm kidding of course (too soon for broken-ankle jokes?), but I think a laptop would help a lot. I mean, no walking, no Ice Bowl, no INTERWEBS? That is just too much.

Also, I think you should whine loudly and continually until your a recovered (and possibly beyond). That's what I'd do. :D

TheTick said...

I will, as a show of Buffalo Sabres bloggin' solidarity, donate the proceeds from my advertising links to a laptop fund for you. Let's see, nothin' into nothin', carry the nothin'...that comes to 47 cents! Dells are that cheap now, right??

MikeP said...

Dude, total suck. I can't even imagine how I'd feel in your place.

Hopefully your ankle recovers more quickly than Ethan Moreau's has.