Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different...

After I posted this morning, I decided I wasn't going to think about the Sabres the rest of the day. They're bugging me and I don't like it. Instead I thought about the Bills. They're kind of a charming little team, aren't they? Isn't it nice to have a team that makes up for a lack of talent by working really, really hard every week? I like that. It's fun.

This has been posted on various Buffalo websites before, but I'm throwing it up here because whenever I need to lighten the mood, I cue this baby up:

Marshawn came through my line late one night at the grocery store and he was exactly like he is on TV - funny, friendly, and just a tad loopy. He is truly, to quote Robert Royal, "a fresh of breath air."

I've also been ogling this tackle by Paul Posluszny (the replay from behind him is the best angle, I think):

That is, fierce, y'all. I think that deserves a "Rrrrawwwr!" for sure.


Gambler said...

First of all, that Marshawn Lynch video is AWESOME! I knew I wouldn't regret naming him my favorite Bill. He definitely gets that all Buffalo wants is to be loved. ("I keep thinking about what I like more, the ambiance, or the decor..." Hee!)

And that tackle by Poz... Rawr indeed.

Heather B. said...

"I keep thinking about what I like more, the ambiance, or the decor..." Hee!

Gambler, that is totally my favorite part. Something about the way he pronounces both words followed by the thoughtful look kills me. So funny!

Ropheka said...

NICE Blog :)

Kate said...


Mark B said...

I'll be getting a Marshawn jersey this Fall. I adore that guy. Not only is he funny and engaging but he fights for every yard like his life depends on it. You might want to take notes, Willis.