Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kane is Able

Hey, who told the little Kane brat he could score?

Okay, seriously, Mark and I decided before the game that the perfect night would be Patrick Kane scoring and the Sabres winning so merry Christmas to us! I was a little unsure of the Sabres going out of their way to make a big deal about Kane's homecoming - he's not one of their players after all - but I did get a little choked up during the introduction of his dad and granddad (what's up with the mom's not being allowed on the ice though?) and I enjoyed seeing the various photos of little Patrick throughout the broadcast. Ultimately, I decided it was nice of the organization to recognize how special Kane's homecoming was to the community because it is a pretty big deal. Not only is a Buffalo kid in the NHL, he's doing very well for himself and helping to revive an Original Six franchise. He deserved the chance to take a bow in front of the people who helped get him there.

How uncomfortable did that intermission interview with Mr. and Mrs. Kane look though? Was it really necessary to cram them in between Kevin and Roby? We couldn't move Kevin and Roby apart a little more? I was laughing like a loon at the close-up of Mrs. Kane and Roby because she was within inches of his face. Poor Mrs. Kane.

Also, who has Rob Ray been fighting with? That's quite the cut he's been sporting across his nose the last couple of nights.

And finally, could someone make sure Jochen Hecht takes the little shiny sticker off the bill of his cap before the next game? Because that sticker bothered me all the way through his pregame interview.

Okay, on to the game!

Overall a good game. There was (still) some sloppiness but it's so good to see the Sabres gut out another tight game. Up until now they haven't really been doing much of that - they either win big or lose big - and I think it goes without saying that every good team has to be able to buckle down and fight. They looked like they wanted to win more than Chicago tonight and any sloppiness was tempered by plain hard work. Thomas Vanek fought for his goal. Drew Stafford battled and hustled to keep the puck in the offensive zone during the shift that led to his goal. The whole Roy line looked really great tonight actually.

Ryan Miller stood on his head when it mattered and is a huge reason why the Sabres came away with a win. But Ryan, I am begging you. Stay in the crease! You are not, as Roby described Rick DiPietro tonight, a "river boat gambler." You're a nice little goalie who does not want to stress out his fans too terribly much. Right?

This is going back to last night, but I really missed Jim Lorentz during the too many men on the ice penalties. It's stupid but I loved him pausing the film, counting the players, and circling them on the telestrator. I really feel like Jim should have weaned us all off of him, maybe 40 games this season and ten less every season after that? Is it too late to make this happen?

The dumbest conversation Mark and I had tonight:

Drew Stafford scores.
MARK: Yes! That's three games in a row!
HEATHER (thinking)
MARK: I'm counting the disallowed goal, by the way. That was crap.
HEATHER: You're counting it forever?
MARK: Yeah.
HEATHER: So years from now, when we're all celebrating Drew Stafford's 500th goal -
MARK: 501
HEATHER: Okaaaay. Hey, if you die unexpectedly, do you mind if I marry Paul Posluszny?
MARK: Nah, Poz is cool.
HEATHER: If he's married by then, Joe Thornton's my back-up.
MARK: It's good you have plans.

I loved Jason Pominville passing off the empty netter to Jochen last night saying simply, "Jochen would've given it to me in the same situation," and then hustling to get his own empty netter tonight. Pommers hasn't been scoring many goals lately, but he's playing some good hockey and doing all the little things right. I've said this before, but the kid is really, really growing on me this season. Unlike some of the other younger guys I think he's managed to avoid putting too much pressure on himself. He stays within in himself and focuses on playing his game.

In closing, I refuse to believe there wasn't a single Tragically Hip song on Brian Campbell's playlist. I refuse. I'm so disappointed! Also, Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts? Really, HSBC?


Kate said...

Also, who has Rob Ray been fighting with? That's quite the cut he's been sporting across his nose the last couple of nights.

I've been wondering about this myself, Heather! What happened Rob?!

amy said...

I think they explained Rob's injury on the broadcast the other night. I want to say it was a domestic mishap, but I only heard the end of the story.

I've seen too many people keeping the stickers on their hats. Is it some sort of status symbol? Because if not, its kind of tacky.

Gambler said...

I think it is some sort of status thing, Amy. This summer one of my cousins from Miami was up visiting and when we took him to New Era, he left the little shiny stickers on the bill of the hats he bought. I guess to prove they were "legit" (or whatever it is young people say these days). I can't imagine Yo-Yo thinking like that, though. It's kind of hilarious!

Speaking of hilarious, that whole conversation with Mark is too funny! I can't wait until he starts celebrating Drew's 500th a goal earlier than everyone else.

Pommers has really been growing on my this season, too, Heather. He hasn't been producing as well as last year, but I still find myself consistently pleased with his play. And he and Yo-Yo are just such good little line mates, so how can I not love him?