Saturday, December 15, 2007

Paging Tim Connolly

Yeah, so I slept through all of the game against the Capitals last night. Hank, I was really excited to see you again, I promise, but what can I say? It was a long and difficult week at work. I was wiped out.

The only thing I remember past the first period is this exchange:

HEATHER (mumbling into the back of the couch and a pile of blankets): Xpewdllw bwemllwl aweiadly.
MARK: What'd you say?
HEATHER (picking up head and yelling): I said, "Wear a !#!@&!# visor already!" (head falls back down)... ZZZZzzzzzz...

I think I've mentioned before that it drives me crazy when players repeatedly take pucks off their face but refuse to wear a visor, but Timmy drives me especially mad. He's unfortunately at a point where, due to his concussion history, every knock to the head, no matter where it comes from, is potentially dangerous. The Sabres have been very good to him. They brought him over from the Islanders and were patient with his development. After the 2005-2006 season they signed him to a multi-year deal for what was at the time very good money even though he was out with post-concussion symptoms and even though no one was clear on when he'd be on the ice again. I think the Sabres organization has shown a lot of faith in Tim's talent and his long-term health. I also think Tim, more than any other player, owes it to the Sabres to do whatever it takes to protect himself on the ice. That means tightening his chinstrap, putting in a mouth guard, and wearing a !#!@&!# visor.

I'd like to be watching you do this for a long time, Timmy.

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There is so much right with this post. All I can say is, AMEN SISTER!