Wednesday, April 23, 2008


"To have the referee decide the series like that, with two teams battling like that, is tough to swallow. I definitely didn't think it was a penalty."

That's Tom Poti who was called for tripping in overtime of last night's Washington-Philly game. To him I say, dude, whatever. You tripped a guy. I don't care how long it's been since the last penalty was called, you tripped a guy. The rule still exists and you should still know better than to do it in overtime of Game 7 of the playoffs. The refs didn't have anything to do with the fact that your team failed to kill the penalty, didn't score more goals during regulation, or didn't wrap up the series before a seventh game was necessary. All of those things were options. A couple of years ago the Sabres were in the penalty box in overtime of a playoff game against the Senators and you know what they did? They scored a goal. There's no rule that says you can't still score even though you have fewer players on the ice. If you're angry, fine, I can understand that especially regarding Philly's second goal which was total b.s. I would've been apoplectic if that call had gone against the Sabres. But don't pretend like you and your team had nothing to do with the outcome of the game or the series. That's ridiculous.

And all season long it seems like I've been listening to Caps fans complain about how obnoxious and classless Sabres fans are (some day I'm going to write a post about words I never want to hear again in sports and "classless" will be there) and while I'm sure there are obnoxious Sabres fans spread across the country the thing I kept hearing brought up over and over was something about Sabres fans wiping their feet on the Ovechkin photos that were given out at a game which... doesn't really seem that bad to me. After the display of garbage throwing last night I can at least rest in the knowledge that it turns out there are at least a few classless Caps fans in the world too. Sabres fans had to watch the Senators celebrate the Eastern Conference championship on our ice last year but I don't recall anyone throwing beer bottles at opposing players.

When someone who plays in Philly can justifiably question your level of class, you might be in trouble.

As for all the former Sabres advancing, a big fat whatever to that too. First of all, there's the fact that you never know what's going to happen. The Senators had almost exactly the same team this year as they had last year and they went from playing in the Stanley Cup Finals to winning exactly the same number of playoff games as the Sabres did - zero. Chris Drury was fine in the Rangers series but I think their wins had more to do with Scott Gomez and loathe as I am to admit it, Sean Avery. And please. The Sharks advanced in spite of Brian Campbell. They might have won quicker without him. Danny Briere was legitimately great though, I'll give you that. But that's all I'm giving you.

Second round thoughts later.


Lee Andrew said...

Wow, I just noticed there is an entire section for my blog! Thanks! Now the pressure is on to actually write something good!

Oh yeah, hockey, right...Umm...Go Sharks! Did the Sabres trade Brian Campbell because he's going to be a free agent? If so, are the Shark definitely going to re-sign him?

Oh, and how come Brian Campbell just has a regular tag and not a derogatory tag like "Sean Avery is a douchebag?" My vote would be for Brian Campbell is a grinch (but that isn't really the word I typed.)

Heather B. said...

Lee, Brian Campbell does not have a derogatory tag because once upon a time I really liked him. It seems like it was in the way distant past at this point but it was once true. He's pushing it though so I'll keep "grinch (but that's not really the word I typed)" in mind :-D

He is going to be a free agent and although he and SJ have made some noise about how much they like each other, I'm not sure if he'll end up in SJ or not after this season. He's not really been impressive in the postseason and SJ doesn't have much of a history of giving out long extensions which is evidently what he's after. He and his agent made a bit of a fuss about the Sabres only offering him three years but that's what both Thornton and Marleau just signed for.

My personal prediction is that the Sharks will show some interest but not for the ridiculous terms Campbell is after and Campbell will end up signing a 7 year deal for an assload of money in Columbus or Phoenix and never be heard from again. (And we'll all live happily ever after.)

Yeah, go write some stuff on that blog.

Anne said...

Ok I really don't like Jeff Carter, but only as far as his role on this Earth as a member of the Flyers organization. He's probably a decent human being, in spite of his gaffe of being a Flyer. But, I can't get behind someone throwing something at his head like that. He's right, that's really klassy. With a K.

zot said...

some day I'm going to write a post about words I never want to hear again in sports and "classless" will be there

Can I add adversity to this list? When one or two guys is out for awhile, that's adversity. When you don't get to play at home for several games in a row, that's adversity. I just feel that the word is overused and well, excessive.

Becky said...

When the refs didn't call a single penalty in the 3rd period, despite many opportunities, it appears to be deliberately giving the edge to Philly. Obviously the Caps could have overcome the disadvantage and didn't. It still seemed to be a bit of selective enforcement, especially after the bs goal.

I also wonder what went into the schedule-makers minds to put games 6 & 7 back to back. Didn't they think the series would last that long? Both teams looked tired with small adrenaline bursts as the game went on.

Excellent series though!

Tessa said...

I don't care how long it's been since the last penalty was called, you tripped a guy.

Not to mention that the Caps got away with a ridiculously blatant trip about a minute before that. If you get away with it once, good for you...but if you're stupid enough to try it again right away, you deserve everything you're getting. Both teams got away with a lot leading up to that, but considering that the Caps were guilty of two of the most blatant infractions in quick succession, I don't see anything selective about that.

Regardless, players whining about officiating is pretty obnoxious, especially after a 7-game series.

Heather B. said...

Zot, adversity can definitely go on the list.

Becky, I see what you're saying but I guess to me it's just not news that the officiating is inconsistent. It's been that way all season. If there's one time I'm not going to test out what is and isn't going to be called it's in overtime of game 7 of a playoff series.

GCFB said...

Everyone knows how officiating goes in the Playoffs. Its spotty. The Poti trip wasn't as bad as the one before it, which could have led to a breakaway for Kapanen.

I also dislike Jeff Carter, for no other reason then hes on the Flyers and he rubs me the wrong way.

Vanek's Hair said...

Would you kindly add "one game at a time" to the list?

Duh, you can only play one game at a time. Never in my XX years on this earth have seen a team play two or three games at the same time.

Lee Andrew said...

Words I never want to hear again in sports:
field position
Anything that sounds like an indian chant