Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Staying Alive (Via Life Support)

I went over to Kate's last night to watch the game and we agreed before it started that we had a bad feeling about it. It was one of those games that appeared to be so much in our favor - opponent out of the playoffs, their star player injured, their backup goalie in net - that you knew something was bound to go wrong. At no point tonight did I think the Sabres were going to win this game. I was sure they were going to lose when the Leafs scored in the first minute. I was sure they were going to lose when Ryan Miller was so far out of position on the second goal that he was barely still in the arena. (I know, I know - he fell over.) I was sure they were going to lose when the first period ended with the Leafs scoring two goals on five shots. I was sure they were going to lose when they kept tying the game up without seeming to gain any serious momentum. I was sure they were going to lose when the game went to a shootout. Could the season end any other way than in a shootout to the Maple Leafs' backup goalie? I was sure they were going to lose when Tomas Kaberle made Ryan look ridiculous on the first attempt. I was sure they were going to lose when the shootout kept on going and going. But they didn't lose. You know why?

Because these little brats are going to drag this out as long as possible. They are determined to torture me until the very end of the season. Not only do I have to care about two more Sabres games, the stars are going to align and then I'm going to have to care about a Flyers game that takes place the day after our last game. That is not right. That is not right at all. I did not sign up to care about the Flyers. I signed up to care about the Sabres. And don't tell me that caring about the Sabres might mean caring about the Flyers because that's totally cheating. I'm being abused by my hockey team.

If there wasn't a teeny, teeny, tiny part of me that still believes (shut up), I would be willing to sacrifice the Sabres playoff hopes at the altar of Ottawa going winless for the remainder of the season and falling out of the playoffs. (The Sens have a game left against Boston so unfortunately we can't make it in while they fall out.) I mean, at least the Sabres have had enough kindness to stink off and on for most the season. Ottawa totally suckered their fans by ripping through the first half of the season. If they missed the postseason now? That would be hilarious.

While I was at Kate's we recorded another podcast. This one's kind of a mini-cast but what are you gonna do? After the game we weren't quite sure which direction to go. Were we happy? (Yes.) Were we disgusted? (Yes.) Encouraged? (Yes.) Annoyed? (Also yes.) Anyway, you can listen to it here.


Becky said...

The collective will of Sabres Nation (even of those who vowed "never" to watch again, but lied) was greater than that of a disinterested leaf fan.

Go Sabres!!

Jennifer said...

These boys remind me of children, pushing and pushing their parents/fans, just to see how much crap they can get away with before getting in time-out.

I love the Sabres and I still believe they can pull this miracle off, but after the season, they all deserve a LONG time-out (and no dessert, oh, no movies for Max!).

Jennifer said...

Well maybe 1 movie for Max, he did make me happy last night (for a change).

Anne said...

It's no exaggeration when I say that Ottawa being eliminated would (almost) make me happier than the Sabres getting in.

Anne M said...

It would be hilarious if the Sens fell out of the playoffs, even if it's at the expense of the Sabres, and especially if it means the Caps get in. I would really love to see Ovechkin in the playoffs--he's so intense in the regular season; it would be awesome to see that pumped up to playoff level.

As far as the Sabres, well, if the stars align for them here, I don't know what I'll do. I'm already mentally prepared for them to be hitting the golf course next week, but of course I'd be glad if they make it. This is getting to be too much for me!

Pookie said...

Heather, I loved the podcast! That stuff about Derek Roy warmed the cockles of even the most ardent Roy-hater (like myself). (Although, really, as I've said, I've let up on him and have adopted Corey Perry as my new Old Roy-Z.) Anyway, my one quibble is this whole, "Let's hope the game goes into a shoot-out!" WHAT? NO! That's my game your talking about! NO SHOOTOUTS!!!! :D

shelli said...

That shoot-out was excruciating but I was so happy for Miller that he didn't totally suck at it. I especially loved the little YESSSSSSSS move he made after (I think it was) Williams' shot.

Loved the podcast, ladies! The opening and closing music sounds like The Sims. Heather, WHERE is your Alabama accent?!?!

Kate said...

Anne, I have been thinking a lot about Ottawa missing the playoffs too. I'm no fan of the Washington Capitals, but I could definitely tolerate them in the playoffs if it means Ottawa falls out. Heh.

Thanks for liking the podcast, guys!

Vanek's Hair said...

Hanging by the perverbial thread. But hey, I'd rather have to watch these last two games than be completely disinterested.

The million mile an hour winds knocked my cable out, so I was "forced" to go to my local watering hole to watch the game. Poor Max, he came out for the shoot out to chorus of boos in the bar. Then he scored, and the boos became cheers. Someone leaving yelled "Hey, a minute ago every one was booing, where did all those people go?" Great stuff. I was glad to see Max win it.

I do not like Darcy Tucker. At all. Cannot stand him. Seeing him score hurts my head. So the game was not all good.

Ottawa missing the playoffs would be funny. But I would rather they help the Sabres by beating the Bruins (Go Sens Go?!). OK I just threw up in my mouth. I just want one chance to tailgate for a hockey game. Please Hockey Gods!!!

Jennifer said...

I think this will be the first time I have EVER cheered for Ottawa. I HATE THEM, all of them. But it's for the good of Buffalo, so I will do it (might need to get really, really drunk first).

brian s. said...

I think that Philly missing the playoffs would be so much better than Ottawa not making it. While I don't exactly "like" the Sens by any means, they are still much more acceptable than the Flyers will ever be.