Monday, February 18, 2008

My Night Sucked. Yours?

Okay, so I had a diary of last night's game planned but I ended up having problems with my laptop (among many other things) and had a totally disastrous evening and didn't even watch most of the game. I got up to record the adorable pregame interview with Henrik Tallinder ("Thank you, Robert" - awwww) which seems like it might have been the highlight of the game and I closed my laptop which put it to sleep. When I lifted the top and woke it back up, the screen was all enlarged and stretched out and half the pages I look at now require scrolling from side to side. I tried to restore it to earlier settings - because that's how I fix everything - and it wouldn't restore. Someone please tell me how to fix this because I hate looking at it and if it remains this way I'll probably never blog again. (And don't think I can't see you wiping your brow and saying, "Whew! Thank god!" Because I totally can!)

Basically my night sucked. Yours?

span style="font-style: italic;"> Heather B's soul, Sunday night.

(I realize the caption is screwed up but I've "fixed" it 8 times and gotten nowhere so you're all going to have to deal. I do not have the patience or the mental fortitude to deal with it right now.)

(Henrik Tallinder. The balm that soothes my aching soul. I love how he always responds to questions about specific opponents with some variation of, "Gosh, he's really good! We'll do our best!" It's very charming.)

ETA: Laptop crisis averted, I think. Carry on.


M.J. said...

hahaha I am so glad I wasn't alone in LOLing a little bit when Hank called him "Robert". and the little smirk he accompanied it with.

Also, I was a little disappointed in Clarke, but waaaaaayyyy more pissed at Soupy. This weekend? Is not exactly raising your stock here, buddy.

Vanek's Hair said...

Did all of the Kalinin haters (this blog not included amongst the haters) notice that he saved not one, but two goals last night against the Pens? Probably not.

Bowl of Pork said...

Has the crisis been averted? Or do you still need tech support?