Sunday, February 3, 2008


That game was a total snooze for three periods - no one had scored since their first possession! - but the last 15 minutes totally made up for it.

- Eli Manning came through under pressure in the 4th quarter. He kept the team alive by dodging what looked like 18 Patriot defenders and completed a pass to a guy who caught the ball with his head.

- Tom Brady couldn't do anything on his last drive and actually ended up losing yardage.

- The Patriots won every single game this season except the one that mattered.

- Bill Belichick could not even stand to be on the field when his team officially lost and stormed across the field like a baby.

- Tiki Barber is at home watching Tom Coughlin get Gatorade dumped over him and Eli Manning toting around the Super Bowl MVP. I hope he has to interview both of them on the Today Show this week.

Seriously, can I just say HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Best Superbowl ever!

The only commercial I really remember is the new Dwayne Wade/Charles Barkley ad, mostly because I love Charles. Also, Poz sighting! Yay!


This has been bothering me ever since I first saw the teaser trailer for Wall-E, Pixar's upcoming movie.


Johnny Five (Alive!):
"Hey, Wall-E! Your mama was a snowblower!"

Steve Guttenberg should sue Pixar. Or at least demand some voice-over work in their next movie.


Ryan said...

Honestly, that's what I kept doing all night. It was the only thing I could think of.

Schadenfreude freaking rocks.

Caitlin said...

The image of Belichek storming across the field was worth the 20 minutes of my life I actually invested in the Super Bowl.

What a sore loser.

It further reinforced my belief that I was right in wanting the Giants to win when Plaxico Burress broke down crying on national TV.

Sara and Anne said...

I was so annoyed that they couldn't just run the last second off of the clock, that was such a pain. There's still hope! Eli could throw a hail Mary, the Patriots will intercept and score a touchdown! This 1 second is crucial!


TheTick said...

I made Tom Brady a picture:


But he ated it. REPEATEDLY.

elise said...

the chris meyers-bill belichek post game interview was a bit painful to watch. My friend is a Pats fan (and a Yanks fan ahah) and she was not happy...I feel mean saying this but it was kind of funny