Sunday, December 14, 2008

Very Important Announcements!

First Thomas Vanek scored the 10,000th goal in Sabres franchise history...

(Andy Marlin/Getty Images)

... and then he sounded his barbaric yawp.

(Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

That picture completely cracks me up. I know exactly what moment in the game it's from because Mark and I were laughing our heads off. Vanek was just screaming and screaming and screaming and I'm sure it was Austrian gibberish that no one else in the building understood. Part of me was hoping that the 10,000th goal would be scored by someone really random like Toni Lydman or Henrik Tallinder or Teppo Numminen but based on this season thus far, it really had to be Van.

A couple of notes:

First of all, those of you who venture into the comment threads here will recognize the name Lee Andrew. Lee, for anyone who hasn't picked up on it, is my baby brother. Lee and some friends recently started a Mets blog called New York Mets Online. Now I can't speak for the other schmoes Lee's partnered up with - my gut instinct is that the likelihood of there being three Mets fans in the world who can spell and write in complete sentences is slim* - but if you're around when I bring up anything baseball related you've seen that Lee loves his baseball. In addition to that he has the three most important characteristics for a good blogger to have: he's opinionated, he's a good writer and he's border-line obsessed. Personally I'm hoping this whole blog thing cuts down on the very lengthy, fine-detailed emails I get about the latest relief pitching prospect the Mets have traded. Let me tell you, that whole long-winded thing? It runs in the family. Anyway, I know there are some baseball fans out there and I figure maybe there are some Mets fans out there too, this blog being based in New York and all. Do me a big favor and check it out. It has the official Heather B. Stamp of Approval.

I clearly remember having every one of these baseball cards. ("Nice game, pretty boy!")

Second of all, posting will probably be light around here for the next two weeks. This week is the last week of school before break which is tough on the kids which makes for long, exhausting days for the adults. I am going to the game on Wednesday night so I'll probably post something about that but that might be it unless something big comes up. The week of Christmas I'll be in sweet home Alabama which really might as well be a different planet as far as blogging about the NHL goes. I believe one of the games that week is on Versus so hopefully I'll catch at least some of it but otherwise I expect fun and family to put blogging on the back burner. Don't forget about me though because I'll be back in full-force after the new year.

* - Just kidding, bro. It's not like you're Yankees fans after all.


Lee Andrew said...

Yes, the Sabres will be playing the Penguins on Versus while you are here. I know how much you love their coverage of Malkin and Crosby.

Actually we MIGHT be going to Tortuga's that night. John always wants to go there and I think that will be the only night they will be open while all of you are in town.

S.A.M. said...

Heather, I'll be at the game on Wed too! Maybe we could meet up?

shelli said...

I'll send you the keys to my house so you can watch NHL Center Ice in HD. It's only an hour and a half away from B'ham! We'll be gone and I don't quite know how I'm going to handle it yet. I won't even have NHL on the Fly to give me the overview of all the games =(

Vanek's Hair said...

Vanek was yelling at a Devil who slashed him on the arm. Yep, he's so good he can get slashed, which would have amputated the arm of a lesser man and still score a goal. How long before we can start that Chuck Norris-type game with Thomas Vanek?

I would go to the Mets blog, but I am a Phillies fan. I would need to wear body armor.

Anonymous said...

my gut instinct is that the likelihood of there being three Mets fans in the world who can spell and write in complete sentences is slim*

Hey now! I resemble that remark!

Heather B. said...

Actually we MIGHT be going to Tortuga's that night.

Mmmmmmmm... Torguta's. Well, just between you and me, Lee, I might be willing to sacrifice one regular season game out of 82 for a trip to Tortuga's. Sounds like we can catch the next game at Shelli's :)

Sam, I'll be with Kate so let me chat with her and see what might work. I'll email you!

John (your big brother) said...

Yes....must go to Tortuga's for my birthday.

S.A.M. said...

Heather, that's even cooler, to meet you AND Kate on the same night? Say it ain't so!?

I will be sitting in Section 119, Row 2- my birthday present from the parents, FINALLY!- and I will come to find you if need be.. I just want to meet you people. :)

You can still e-mail me, please do and we will set something up.

Anonymous said...

I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable, I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world - Vanek, channeling Whitman, to everyone who will listen.