Thursday, December 4, 2008

Think of a Wonderful Thought, Any Happy Little Thought

So yesterday I threw together a quick post that struck me as being about nothing and I expected any and all comments to be along the lines of, "I can't believe you spent $9 on a stupid foam paw!" I did not expect to come home to a fairly lengthy discussion about sexual politics and the public image of the NHL. One of my favorite things about blogging is that I never know what people are going to respond to. I find that really interesting. Thanks to everyone who participated for keeping things calm and for expressing your opinion without insulting anyone else.

That said, wow, I so do not have it in me to post anything even halfway serious tonight especially with another potentially disastrous game ahead of us on Thursday. (But I'm sure it'll be fine! Really! It'll be great! I just know it!) I do have a couple of things bouncing around but I'll save them for another time. For now let's just all think happy thoughts. Some time killers that make me feel better.

Gene Kelly dancing on roller skates! (The really good stuff starts at the 2:20 mark.)

Bonus Gene Kelly. (My favorite single movie scene.)

Kermit the Frog encourages all of Buffalo to keep looking for the rainbow connection. (Some day we'll find it, you guys.)

Who's on first? (It will never not be funny.)

Peter Pan in Swedish. (I don't come across many Swedish dubs so I don't know, this totally cracks me up.)

One of the sweetest, romantic scenes in movie history.

Cats on treadmills! (There are a million of these on YouTube and they are all hilarious.)

U2 + Christmas = very happy Heather B.

And finally, the latest photo of Marlowe. She's five weeks here and a total doll, don't you think?

All right. Are we ready for Sabres hockey again now? I think we are. Right?


Meg said...

Marlowe is soooo cute. And so big already! :D

Katebits said...

Ha! Heather, I just posted a video of a dog who thinks it can't walk because it's wearing shoes. I think random video is the only logical response to Sean Avery at this point.

The fact that there is a whole section of videos of cats walking on treadmills reminds me of the day I spent about an hour watching videos of babies eating lemons. :D

Marlowe is show stoppingly adorable. Wow. I love large breed puppies. I can't WAIT to meet her.

Steph said...

The length of time I just spent watching youtube videos of cats on treadmills after reading this post is actually really really embarrassing...

Heather B. said...

Meg, I know! I didn't get a week 4 picture and the jump in size from week 3 to week 5 is remarkable. And she's just one big ball of fur. I love it!

Kate, I love that we're both striking back by posting inane videos :)

Steph, I watched enough to know that this one I posted is my favorite so I'm with you. Mark has been wanting to get a cat when we get the dog and I have to say, if this is the fun you can have with a cat, I'm all for it :P

Zach said...

Alright, I'll play the role of Debbie Downer here. It still is the Panthers and they still play the trap so nothing is going to get me excited for this game.

toontom said...

The Muppets, Abbot & Costello, Singing in the Rain, The Sabres. Can I live in your blog?

amy said...

Marlowe is adorable! What a roly-poly furball she is.

ElmaGolf said...

Wait - you mean to tell me you're not upset about the way Miss Piggy is portrayed in the Muppet Movie? Sexual stereotyping at it's worst!!


Just kidding - good "Erase, Erase" post to cleanse the palate and move yesterday into a distant memory.

Do you have anything that can erase Monday night forever?

Vanek's Hair said...

Who's on First is possibly my favorite comedy routine ever. I can recite both parts start to finish on command. A great way to annoy the heck out of people if you need to. I cannot believe I actually admitted to being able to recite the whole thing. I am officially a loser.

Anonymous said...

I am so in awe of Gene Kelly tapdancing on skates I'm not sure I'm going to get anything else done today. Wow.

Would you object awfully if I yoinked Marlowe from you? Hmmm, probably.

Heather B. said...

Zach, I am in no way excited for tonight's game. I'm trying desperately to build a wall of fun and happiness between me and tonight's game. We'll see if it worked or not.

Toontom, if you love all those things, you can move in any time :)

Elma, I'm afraid we're stuck with Monday forever. And I do hate Miss Piggy and you know, it *is* a little suspect that the only female in the main group is pushy and obnoxious... :P

Vanek's Hair, I think it's adorable that you can recite "Who's on First?" in entirety. I decided at one point in early teenagerhood that I was going to the do the same but while I can recite large chunks of it, I never got the whole thing down.

Mags, Singin' in the Rain is my favorite Gene Kelly move by far but that skating bit is completely breath-taking. I watch it regularly and am in awe by the end every time. I'd like to see Crosby or Ovechkin do that! And hands off the puppy!

GregK said...

Be careful picking her up as a puppy because she'll still like to jump in your arms when she's full grown.

Heather said...

GregK, do you/did you have a St. Bernard? If so, please feel free to send any and all advice!

Jonathan said...

You only had to spend $9 on that paw?!?

You must be pretty amazing at haggling. Srsly!

John (your brother) said...

Well, _I_ talked about the foam paw in my comments.

I can't wait to see Marlowe. She's already as big as Aubie.