Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick Thoughts

Inside the mind of Heather B. (the edited version - it's better if you just go all out with the swearing but my mom might be reading this):

3:15 - I guess I should shovel. It'd be nice to at least be able to get the car out of the driveway.

3:30 (looks back and realizes snow is already starting to fill what's been shoveled) - Crap. That sucks. Well, I guess at the very least it's less snow to shovel later! Gotta be able to get the car out bright and early Monday morning!

4:15 - (grumbling) Mothereffin' snow. It's effin' 72 degrees in Birmingham and I'm shoveling snow up to my effin' ankles. I may as well be dumping water off the Titanic for all the effin' good this is effin' doing. F$@!

4:42 - Eff this. Ted's is within walking distance and we can take an effin' cab to the airport. Eff it.

I'd include pictures for you non-Buffalonians reading this but I accidentally left my camera at work which is a bummer since I won't be able to retrieve it before vacation. So just take my word for it. Lots of snow. Probably a good thing we decided to fly out on Monday instead of tomorrow.

Moving on...

Nice that we finally beat a team we should beat.

L.A.'s goaltending is terrible. I almost feel like we cheated, some of our goals were so bad. Whenever I hear a Sabre say that they try to be too cute for the hometown crowd because that's what we want to see, I yell at them, "I don't care if you bank it off someone's head, just PUT IT IN THE NET!" I think that might have actually happened tonight.

I could not make any sense of the lines tonight. It was like Lindy had everybody's name in a hat, pulled out three and threw them on the ice together. No idea.

Chris Butler looked a-ok for a kid playing in his first NHL game. First appearances suggest that he might be handy on the offensive side while not being a complete and total disaster on the defensive side. That's nice. He was also totally adorable, responding to Rob Ray's comment about his quality passes out of the defensive zone with a genuine smile and "Thank you!"

Ryan Miller actually showed up tonight. Also nice.

How come I got stuck attending the awful Devils game instead of this one? I'm pretty sure Kate picked that game.

Five goals and Thomas Vanek didn't score any of them? Is that even allowed?

(Make sure you read the post below if you didn't already.)


Katebits said...

Don't blame the Devils on me. That's totally the Ookie's fault.

I'm watching the game on DVR delay right now. Dang, the jerseys look good. I think they play sassier in their new jerseys.

Anne said...

They're going to take away Rozie's goal not a goal and give it to Vanek, just because it'll balance the universe a little better.

TheSharpie said...

I called my brother from Louisianna on Friday and he told me of the massive blowing snow you all had. He said it was one of those days when you shovel the driveway in the morning and by noon need to shovel it again. I was glad I was down where it had been in the 70s though I am back up north now in New Jersey where it's in the 20s and 30s.

Heather B. said...

Sharpie, I feel like one of us has been shoveling all weekend. If we didn't need to be able to get to the airport tomorrow, I honestly woudln't have bothered.

It is awfully pretty though.