Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nathan Gerbe Come to Save Us All

I don't really have a lot of interest to say about the Tampa Bay game (other than those are some really dreadful third jerseys) but I figured I should go on the record with my opinion of the much longed for Nathan Gerbe.

I thought he was fine. He didn't score any points but he was a +2 and while he didn't look like a guy with a lot of experience at the NHL level (for good reason obviously) I didn't think he looked terribly overwhelmed either. I thought he looked fairly confident and if nothing else he puts the friggin' puck on the friggin' net. Most of the Sabres seem to have lost their ability to get a puck through all the bodies in front and they always seem hesitant to shoot unless the sky has opened and the sun is beaming down to highlight the perfect spot. Gerbe flings it toward the goalie AND actually gets it TO the goalie. The back-and-forth score shows that Gerbe was not the automatic solution to all the Sabres' problems but we did actually score some goals and I do think that Drew Stafford and Derek Roy both played one of their best games of the season, particularly Stafford. I don't think it's coincidence that they were Gerbe's line mates. I'm glad Lindy Ruff threw Gerbe right in there on a top line. I kind of wish we'd seen more of Mark Mancari with players who can actually play hockey.

And Jochen Hecht got in a fight! That happens maybe once every other year and I don't know, for some reason it always makes me really happy.

You can almost hear Ryan thinking, "Wait. Is that... is that Jochen?" (Photo by Scott Audette/Getty Images)

That's all I got. If you need more and you haven't read it yet, check out yesterday's Lindy post.

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Gambler said...

I can't believe I missed the once a year Yo-Yo fight! I've been so caught up with finals, I didn't even know that game was happening, let alone think to watch it! Yo-Yo wanted to make me pay for it I guess... Luckily, since the fight was so ridiculous, there's plenty of footage of it up on the internet. It's silly.

Those thirds really are awful. My dad thinks an especially poor design because it would be so easy to turn that B into a D.

Heather B. said...

Gambler, I totally thought of you while watching Yo-Yo flail. Vinny ended up with a pretty good shiner but I cannot for the life of me figure out how.

The Dolts! Hee! It's so true. I'm just really not into the nickname on the front of the jersey thing. I hate the Sens thirds for that reason too.