Monday, December 1, 2008

Someone Owes Me Money

So the Sabres evidently read yesterday's blog entry in which I stated that football was really boring and that the Bills were a complete mess and took that as some kind of challenge. Fellas, that reaaaally wasn't what I was going for. Tonight's game was one of the worst games I've ever seen live. It was three-fourths boring and one-fourth incompetence. I think low-scoring hockey games can be very entertaining but this was not one of those games. This was two bad hockey teams trying to see who could be just a little bit worse. And hey, the Sabres won due largely to Henrik Tallinder and Toni Lydman. Hank, get a grip, dear and please do it quickly. After I fired you for the third time tonight I was sitting in my seat seriously digging out my Tim Connolly jersey for the next game. I hate Tim Connolly! This is what you're doing to me and I don't like it!

So let's review. Yesterday Mark and I went to the Bills game. Tonight we went to the Sabres game. We saw a football team and an offensively gifted hockey team score a combined 3 points. Mark and I spent roughly $165 on tickets plus $13 for parking and somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 on concessions. Someone with the Bills and/or the Sabres owes us that along with 6.5 hours each plus commute time. One of the Sabres can cover my shift at work tomorrow and we'll call the time even. Start time is 7:45, loser.

Maybe I'll write a Bandits blog. Top Shelf works for lacrosse, right?


Jael said...

So let's review. Yesterday Mark and I went to the Bills game. Tonight we went to the Sabres game.

I am so sorry.

amy said...

One of the Sabres can cover my shift at work tomorrow and we'll call the time even. Start time is 7:45, loser.

Based on the lethargy I saw on the ice last night and from what you've shared about your job, whichever Sabre covered for you would probably not last the full day with your kiddies.

ElmaGolf said...

At least in those disgusting home losses to Tampa and Ottawa, we saw some good offensive plays from the opposing teams.

Good Lord - that was absolutely the most nauseating game I have ever seen. I'm not sure if it was an indictment of the Sabres or the type of product the NHL has helped evolve (devolve?). It's probably a combination of both.

Still, perhaps we need a little review with the players that passes should me made towards your teammate's stick (not their skates or some blind ambiguous vicinity that you hope they'll get to).

If the NHL is such a "copycat" league, has anyone on the Sabres considered holding onto the puck (ala Detroit) and, I don't know, thought about skating the puck into the zone once in a while?

I'd like to see some type of hockey stat similar to time of possession. There can be time of meaningful possession for each team and then a 3rd category such as "puck tumbling in limbo on useless and ineffective dump ins / missed passes gliding towards yet another icing." I think Category 3 would have been in the 58:23 range last night.

Zach said...

We need more people to blog about the Bandits. Who doesn't want to write about a team where 95% of the fans wear big foam hats and can make the arena sound louder for a regular season game than any Sabres game.

Beth said...

"Someone Owes Me Money"
My thoughts exactly.

And hey, the Bandits are great, they actually win championships... But only true Sabres fans can hope for the best for forthcoming games, right? (Or is that just called stupid? I forget...)

Vanek's Hair said...

What a beautiful display of system hockey last night. Thankfully, Two and a Half Men was on and I could flip. Seriously, would it kill Lindy Ruff to abandon "the system" and tell the guys this week against Florida it "Bleep the system, just go out and play hockey." See how that works. They are playing tentatively and hesistant and I attribute it to them getting the puck, stopping, thinking "Well what does 'the system' say I do with the puck now" By then, a check is approaching and they just shove the puck in the proper general direction, turn it over...OK, we all know the rest. Florida is a great place to vacation this time of year if you live in WNY. Leave "the system" here and go to Florida simply to play hockey.

Jennifer said...

The laundry I was doing was more exciting than that game. And I HATE doing laundry.

Anonymous said...

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