Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thoughts On Jason Pominville

So it's been a couple of hours now since I first heard the news about Jason Pominville's 5 year/$26.5 million extension. I have, quite frankly, been reeling ever since. I'm totally bummed. I'm devastated. Nay, I'm really and truly heart-broken. Pommers and Pommers' agent, how could you do this to me? HOW?! All I asked for in this whole negotiation was one thing, one small, simple thing and you went and screwed me.

We were THIS close to the Bucky Gleason Special, you guys! THIS close to 5/25 being bandied about in real stories about official contracts. I'm sure that was the hold up all along. I know Darcy Regier was pushing for it, dreaming of seeing 5/25 in bold, black newspaper print and blog type but no, Pommers and his agent went and got all greedy on us, DEMANDING that extra $1.5 million. Really, you HAD to have an extra $1.5? For what, Pommers? FOR WHAT?!

Will no one think of the bloggers?

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Mark B said...

After this offseason I really feel for our old friend Bucky. What in the world is he going to find to whine about? He might be out on the street soon. I wonder if anyone will adopt him?

I think we have to give Darcy an A for this offseason. Locking up Ryan, Goose, Pommers and signing a good backup goalie and a kick ass D-Man who can clear the front of the net, play the PK and PP and is a good leader. Add Teppo to that mix and we're in really good shape.

Can we finally put to rest the questions about Darcy as a GM? Putting aside the fact that he built the team that went to 2 straight EC Championships, he has shown this past year that he's learned from his mistakes with re-negotiating and is bringing up a brand new crop of talent (Gerbe, Kennedy, Butler, Enroth, etc.).

Now the players just have to go out and play. Playoffs here we come!

Kate said...

Ha! I hadn't thought to strike out against Pommers for ruining the 5 for 25 deal!

I am, frankly, AMAZED by this. I have to admit I really thought things were about to go wrong with Pommerdoodle. It just feels too good to be true. EVERYONE IS SIGNED!

Anne said...

I did laugh a little at "$26.5". Isn't that more complicated for payroll?

Mostly my reaction was:




jk nation said...

The last line cracked me up. Wow. GREAT post! :)

Jennifer said...

I don't know Heather, I might have to drop Hank for Darcy. I now want to marry him! I just KNOW Buffalo is going to have a good season.

(Just kidding Hank, I would NEVER drop you!)

twoeightnine said...

My sources say that Pominville was willing to sing for $25/5 earlier in the summer but the Sabres forgot to send him the contract. Now look what happened.

andrew said...

After this offseason I really feel for our old friend Bucky. What in the world is he going to find to whine about?

Brooks Orpik. He'll always have that stupid drum to bang.