Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Case of the Blogging Blahs

I think what we have here is a serious blogging malaise. This is my first real malaise in a year and a half - I wrote consistently all last summer and while I was crippled and hopped up on pain killers earlier this year - but I still feel kind of bad. Please, hockey, come back soon! I need you!

Since I can't think of anything interesting to say, Lee's going to take over and finish off his 100 Things. Part three is below, part four will come at some point this weekend. Any comments in parentheses are mine. Because it's my blog, you see. I'll add editorial comments if I please.

All right, take it away, Lee!

51. I have once again started a blog. You can read it here. I know that right now it is very black and dark. I haven't played around with any of the settings yet. (In case you haven't noticed, Lee's a good writer. As someone who's read all 218 of the blogs he's written thus far I can tell you it's worth checking out.)

52. Recently my cable provider changed all the channels on me and for a couple of weeks I would flip through the channels searching for the right channel. Finally I gave in and decided to look up the channels on TV Guide. While looking through the channels I realized that I know have Versus. Yes, that means that now even us Alabamians can watch hockey games. I plan on watching as much hockey as possible this season and I'm sure I will blog about it although my blog will not be about strictly hockey. My mind can't stay on one topic like that. It's always jumping around. (Yes, now even Alabamians can watch terribly presented hockey with inane announcing and annoying commentary! Yay! Still, inane and annoying hockey is better than no hockey, right? And since the Sabres are on Versus a lot this year, Lee can be a real live fan in no time.)

53. If I could put any one player into any Hall of Fame it would be Andre Dawson in the Baseball Hall of Fame. (Jack Morris although yes, that is almost all based on the 1991 World Series which is, I realize, not the point of the Hall of Fame. I don't care.)

54. My favorite girl scout cookies are the thin mints. (Thin mints are good especially cold but I could eat a couple boxes of Tagalongs easy. Mmmmmmmm... Tagalongs....)

55. I love Gonzo, Cookie Monster, Grover and Daffy Duck.

56. I hate Kermit, Miss Piggy, Big Bird and Bugs Bunny. (I can go along with all of those except Kermit. Kermit is the straight man in the middle of the Muppet chaos and therefore a very important element. Not as much fun as the others? Okay, sure. Hateable? Harsh, man.)

57. I love stories about dumb criminals. My favorite story about a dumb criminal was when one guy decided to rob a karate academy while the academy was still open. A few things here. 1) Why would anybody choose to rob a karate academy? Does this town not have banks? 2) Why would you rob the one place where every single person can kick your butt? Sweep the Leg! No Mercy!

58. I prefer hard candy or gummy candy over chocolate candy.

59. The worst championship in sports is the NBA Finals. There hasn't been an interesting NBA finals since the Bulls vs. Suns in 1993.

60. MMA > Boxing

61. My favorite late night talk show host is Conan O'Brien. (I would've said Conan was my favorite a few months ago but I'm developing quite the love for Craig Ferguson.)

62. The best re-occurring late night skit is easily Conan O'Brien's Walker, Texas Ranger lever.

63. I live in Alabama but I'm not a huge country fan. I did go through a country phase at one point in high school but the only country singer I have to listen to now is the same singer that got me to like country music, Tim McGraw.

64. My favorite cover song of all-time is Tim McGraw's Tiny Dancer. (Stevie Wonder's We Can Work It Out, Ryan Adam's Wonderwall, Johnny Cash's Hurt, and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World.)

65. My least favorite cover song is a tie between Rascal Flats' Life is a Highway and Sheryl Crow's Sweet Child O Mine. (Ugh, yeah. Both of these are awful. I also hate Smashmouth's I'm a Believer which was inescapable for a while there.)

66. My favorite Alabama athlete of all-time is Bo Jackson. I remember when ESPN did their countdown of the greatest athlete of the century Dick Schaap, who many people adore, chose Bo Jackson as #1. Ahead of Jordan, ahead of Ali, ahead of Gretzky, ahead of Walter Payton. His argument was that Bo Jackson might not have won championships or awards but he was the best ATHLETE. (Bo Jackson was a god among men, yo. When Mike Weber, one of the young Sabres, stepped on the ice last season with 34 on his back my mind automatically clicked, "Ah, yes. Bo Jackson." And all the credit in the world to him for handling his career ending injuries and post-sports life with such good-humor and grace.)

67. My favorite Buffalo athlete of all-time is Bruce Smith. Bruce is probably the most underrated defensive player in the history of the NFL.

68. My favorite actor born the same year as me is Joseph Gordon Levitt. (JGL seemed to turn into a really good-looking, talented guy almost over night. He totally snuck up on me.)

69. My favorite actress born the same year as me is Kristen Bell.

70. Heather is my favorite sister and Mark is my favorite brother-in-law. (Yay! Hey, wait...)

71. When I shave I don't shave one side and then the other. I shave one stroke on one side and then one stroke on the other side and then keep swapping sides.

72. My favorite Christmas present ever was the first Playstation. Fortunately my brother did not put it in the oven.

73. When I was eight years old I wanted to be Madmartigan from the movie Willow.

74. My favorite movie trilogy is Karate Kid. If you've never seen the third movie or haven't seen it in a while then you should. Unlike most movie trilogies the third movie improves on the second movie. (I have to admit, I can't even remember the third one. I have no recollection of it whatsoever. I did like the second one though.)

75. If I was only allowed to tell people about one television show that I wanted to get better ratings it would be Pushing Daisies. (It's true. He won't leave me alone about this show.)


Laddical said...

It's true. He won't leave me alone about this show.

With good reason. It was the best damned new show last year. I still want me some apple pie with gruyere and homeopathic anti-depressants baked into the crust.

Meg said...

I do like Pushing Daisies quite a bit. It's a touch too self-consciously quirky at times but it's good fun.

Laddical said...

Also? Jim Dale as the narrator! The guy who reads the Harry Potter audiobooks. But more importantly - the snake-oil salesman in Pete's Dragon. And Chi McBride! Okay, yes, there's also Kristen Chenowith to deal with, but she's not so bad here.

Kirsten said...

Jack Morris is the shit. He occasionally is on the Twins broadcasts, and he's awesome.