Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Just in case you're looking for some deep thoughts on the preseason games I should let you know that I really don't care. I care in the sense that preseason means the real season is right around the corner but that's about it. I like to pretend I'm all knowledgeable about the prospects and I am casually interested in how they're playing in the AHL - before that they're not even on my radar outside of the few days they're in camp - but really they don't mean anything to me until they're in Sabres jerseys. I can't get attached before then.

I also have a really hard time commenting on games I can't see. I love Rick Jeanneret and it was HEAVENLY to hear his voice again last night but when you're just listening to a game I think you're definitely influenced by how the announcer is presenting it and let's be honest, ol' RJ can make anything sound good. On the flip side, I'm never quite sure how seriously to take people's criticism because well, people see things different ways, you know? In two places TBN's John Vogl mentioned Henrik Tallinder making the first bad decision of the season but I didn't actually see it with my own eyes so I think it's really best to pretend it didn't happen. You see what I'm saying?

Still, I am trying to get back into the blogging routine so here are a few random thoughts from the last few days:

- I'm totally bummed that Lindy Ruff hasn't openly and publicly cast off the rotating captaincy. I hated the co-captaincy. I hate the rotating captaincy. I want one captain like everyone else in the world! Why can't I have that? I don't care if the players like it! Tell them to suck it up! It's a hard world out there, Sabres, and teams only have one captain! And for the record, I do not enjoy the sight of Tim Connolly with the C.

- How do you do a story about Henrik Tallinder and not run a photo with it? Not even on the website! I'm outraged. Isn't the web all about graphics and stuff? Work with me here, TBN.

- On the flip side (and slightly off-topic) kudos to Mark Mulville of TBN for this awesome photo taken right before the game-winning field goal of Sunday's Bills game.

- Back to hockey, I tend to get a lot of sympathy every time Hank and Toni Lydman are broken up and while it does bum me out some - I like having one consistent pairing/line on the team - I am kind of intrigued to see how the whole thing shakes out. With Teppo back, Craig Rivet in and Andrej Sekera up, that is a lot of new faces. May as well try some things out. But what the heck is with telling the whole world they're going to be split up and then playing them together during the Montreal game last night? You can't play around with their hearts like that, Lindy! I know it's early and I know they have practices too but you'd think maybe new pairings would actually play together during the preseason. Anyway, we'll see if this sticks. It never has before.

I wrote that last paragraph while at work. Unlike some of you slackers I don't really have computer access during the day most of the time so I feel so daring!


bbC said...

I don't really have anything of hockey intelligence to add...I just wanted to say that Mark Mulville used to live down the street from me and I used to babysit his cute kids. Now he lives several blocks away. Oh and I like the photo that he took. :D

Brooklyn Hockey Boy said...

Hey, nice blog! Personally, I like seeing how my Stars young guys will do against other potential NHLers, but it's true that the preseason is way too long and has little to no point to it. And that was an awesome photo by Mark Mulville...

Jennifer said...

I was so worried that I was the only one who thought that preseason was a snooze-fest. I was so excited and when I caught a replay of the game against the Habs during the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I was like, eh, so what, this is really boring. I had looked forward to seeing the Sabres play for the past 6 months and there part of them were and I had NO interest. I was so relieved when someone told me it was just the preseason blahs and my excitment would return when the season really begins. WHEW!

blackfrancis789 said...

Preseason is great because it means hockey is back. This is a tough year for me, because I am a Portland Pirate fan. I have to try and catch up with the whole Buffalo organization. I'll be seeing the Sabres a few times in Boston and hopefully in Buffalo too.

Heather B. said...

blackfrancis, I think you'll really enjoy Portland being affiliated with Buffalo. Buffalo really builds from within which means there's usually a good amount of talent at the AHL level.