Thursday, August 7, 2008

Seriously, I'm REALLY Bored

Another video link. It's the lazy blogger's way.

Mark sent me to the Bills website to watch a video of Paul Posluszny doing an interview while wearing a backpack - I don't know, I think that's cute - but instead I found this totally adorable interview of Poz being interviewed by a nine-year-old fan. It really must be watched. (If the link doesn't take you to the right video just click on the video labeled "Junior Bills Backer Interviews Posluszny.") As someone who works with kids I think it's pretty obvious when someone is comfortable with children or not and Poz is a charmer here. Man.

(I'm in no way suggesting that there's something wrong with people who aren't comfortable with kids. I get that that's not everyone's thing and that's probably particularly true of young athletes who don't have kids of their own and might not have been around them a lot. My Safety is Harvard featured this hilarious picture of Derek Roy holding a baby a while back and it suggests that Derek has not held very many babies in his young life. Even the kid is like, "Who is this yahoo?")

So yeah... Poz is cool.


Anne said...

Even the kid is like, "Who is this yahoo?")

I love that you used the word "yahoo" to describe Derek Roy. Excellent.

I'm just rejoining football fandom but I fall a little more in love with Paul Posluszny every day. Have you heard his Carly's Club commercial on the radio? He's incredibly articulate. What a guy.

ElmaGolf said...

Man - it's too bad Poz didn't play last year. By the time my fiancee bought me my Bills Jersey, Marshawn was the man to pick. If I'd had this type of exposure to Poz and realized how cool he was, it would have been a no-brainer choice.

Just from the little bit of interviewing I've done in my days, the whole experience is completely driven by how open and comfortable the interviewee makes you feel. Poz must be a journalist's dream.

Kathee said...

I don't WANT to love Poz, but how can you help it when he is so charming? Now I have to re-visit my Bills obsession, which is almost as unhealthy as my Sabres obsession.
My poor husband, who doesn't like sports, is going to be sitting in front of a LOT of sports this year.

M.J. said...

I love how the baby is like, I just made a doodie just as you picked me up. How I roll, Derek

Kirsten said...

I really don't like kids, yet my internship involves a lot of teaching. I don't know why this happened to me.

I'm currently trying to cram my brain with enough football knowledge not to die in my all male + me fantasy football league. I've been told to hope Chad Pennington comes to the Vikes.

S.A.M. said...

that pic of Royzie is great. and Poz appears to be a dear. how refreshing!