Saturday, August 23, 2008

100 Things Not About Me

Hello fellow Top Shelf Cookie monsters. Welcome to the very first guest blog post on the Top Shelf Cookies. This is Heather's brother Lee and I will be your guide on this non-hockey journey. I'd love to sit and chat about ice hockey but I don't know anything about ice hockey. So i will borrow from my sister and tell you about myself.

1. I have not yet decided what I'm going to do for a living but I'm leaning towards being a writer. I paid to write articles at a website called Associated Content. My sister and her blog have gained 60,000 page views. Cute. 60,000 page views. My articles over at Associated Content have gained 1.2 million page views. Check them out. There isn't much about hockey but plenty about other sports, movies, video games, religion and some other fun stuff.

2. Jennifer Connelly is my favorite actress. I first saw her in the movie Labyrinth when Jennifer was only 15. She wasn't a GREAT actress when she was younger but she has morphed into one since then. I think I must have pretty good taste in actors because how many actors start at that young age and turn out to be as good as Jennifer Connelly? Not many.

3. The Green Lantern is the best. He would totally kick Superman and Batman's butt and Hal Jordan is WAY more likable than Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

4. I hate orange juice pulp. Sometimes I go to grocery store and stand in the juice section. When somebody takes a carton of orange juice with pulp I punch them in the throat.

5. I'm a big sports fan but I'm just starting to get into ice hockey. My favorite sport though is college football, followed by college softball and major league baseball. After that I like tennis and college basketball. Sorry but the NFL and NBA are just boring.

6. When I sneeze it sends a jolt down my neck through my shoulders and to my fingers and my fingers go numb for approximately 1.37 seconds.

7. I have recently taken up cooking. I've gotten pretty good at it. I make a pretty awesome homemade macaroni, some good ham and pineapple and kabobs and my specialty is probably Apple Sausage Pancakes.

8. I am a big video game fan. My favorite games are usually either roleplaying games or sports games with a few classic NES games thrown in there.

9. Favorite Athletes
All-time - Danny Wuerffel, Mike Piazza
Current - Caitlin Lowe, David Wright, Jose Reyes, Joe Thornton, David Lee, Tim Tebow, Donovan McNabb, Rafael Nadal

10. My biggest sports pet peeve is when people chant "OV-ER-RA-TED". I understand that by calling the other team overrated you are insulting them. But doesn't that make your team look bad when you admit your team just beat a team that wasn't really that good? Wouldn't you rather say that your team beat a good team?

11. My biggest non-sports pet peeve is the word redunkulous.

12. I like to name objects. My car is named Rebekah. I named a flower that I planted Jenny and my former mp3 player was named Destro. My new mp3 player is called "The Panther."

13. My sister said in her 100 things about her that she uses the same password for everything. I now know what it is (thanks Mark) and will sell it to you for $50. Like her, I use the same password for everything and I've used it for about 13 years now. Nobody knows it though (not even Mark.)

14. My favorite word is shenanigans.

15. My favorite book of the Bible is Proverbs. It's got a lot of words of wisdom and even some pretty funny parts as well. It's also more straightforward. Jesus' parables are great and all but sometimes you just need to be told exactly what is right and wrong without thinking about it.

16. The most underrated books of the Bible are 1 and 2 Samuel. If I were to choose any book of the Bible to make a movie about it would be 1 and 2 Samuel. It's basically a big war epic with the Israelites and Philistines battling 13 times and it includes the rise of David. It's actually a great read but never gets as much attention as Genesis, Exodus, the Gospels or revelation.

17. I had a brief run playing both baseball and soccer when I was younger but I actually played basketball for 15 years.

18. Even though I like actresses like Jennifer Connelly and actors like Joseph Gordon Levitt I enjoy older stuff. Get Smart and the Dick Van Dyke shows are two of my favorites. I love Arsenic and Old Lace and Swing Time. Errol Flynn and Steve McQueen are two of my favorite actors.

19. I also love foreign movies and don't mind reading the subtitles. Oldboy is possibly the best movie of all-time.

20. I have never broken a bone in my body, that I know of. I've probably broken fingers at some point but just never bothered to have them looked at. So I don't get injured much and rarely get sick too. I think I'm also the only member of the family with no allergies.

21. I don't know how to swim or ride a bike.

22. If I could go on vacation anywhere in the world it would be Japan. I took Japanese in high school and even though I know very little Japanese I began very interested in the country. Plus video games come out sooner there.

23. Lee ranks the cheeses: 1. Swiss, 2. Mozzarella, 3. Ricotta, 4. Cheddar, 5. American

24. My favorite baseball players are typically third basemen. When I played little league baseball I played mostly first base and outfield but for parts of two seasons I played third base and it was by far my favorite position. My favorite current player, David Wright, is a third base man and I also really like Garret Atkins, Eric Chavez and Ryan Zimmerman. My least favorite player, Chipper Jones, also plays third base though.

25. The worst awards decision in sports history was Peyton Manning losing the Heisman Trophy to Charles Woodson. A close second would be Terry Pendleton winning the NL MVP over Barry Bonds and of course Mike Piazza losing to Larry Walker in the NL MVP.


Heather B. said...

What the - ?! I said you could use my LAPTOP not my BLOG! And I'm kicking Mark's butt as soon as I post this.

Worst awards decision ever? Chris Sabo over Mark Grace for 1988 NL Rookie of the Year. I was outraged then, I'm outraged now.

twoeightnine said...

Danny Wuerffel was an athlete?

twoeightnine said...

I'm sorry but Wuerffel's wiki entry made me laugh. Quite a bit of writing about Florida and religion and then three sentences about his NFL career, one of which actually is about NFL Europe.

Lee Andrew said...

Danny Wuerffel is one of the best college football players of all-time. So he wasn't good in the NFL or NFL Europe. So what? They both suck anyway.

Mark B said...

Lee - how is college football not boring but the NFL is?

Too many commercials? Not enough scoring? Or is it because you grew up with college football and not the NFL?

Because I'm the opposite - I just can't watch the college game. Maybe it's from growing up in an NFL crazy town.

JK Nation said...

LOL this is awesome.

Wuerffel--I remember him. Florida Gators. I really liked the guy for some reason. He was the man. Probably my most random favorite athlete ever.

Jennifer said...

6. When I sneeze it sends a jolt down my neck through my shoulders and to my fingers and my fingers go numb for approximately 1.37 seconds.

You could probably use this as some kind of super power.

14. My favorite word is shenanigans.

That is a fun word to say!

Kathee said...

Uhhh, Lee? When are you going to finish this list? I am accustomed to more regular posts on this blog. You're totally not living up to my expectations. ;)

Seriously, though, FINISH THE DAMN LIST ALREADY!!!!

TheSharpie said...

Pepperjack should definitely be on your top five cheeses list.

Lee Andrew said...

Choosing Danny Wuerffel as my favorite athlete might seem random but it's not really for those that follow college football, the SEC or the Florida Gators. Danny Wuerffel holds every Florida Gators passing record, is one of the all-time leaders in the NCAA in every passing category, won the Gators' first National Championship, was only their second Heisman Trophy winner, basically started the Gator's domination during the 80's and he's 4 – 0 against Peyton Manning.

I don't like the NFL because it's too slow and ugly. It's not just that they don't score enough, I actually like great defenses, but I don't see great defense in the NFL, I see mediocre, watered down offenses. The NFL has maybe four teams that are exciting to watch. In college football there is at least four in each conference. The games are also a lot faster. Obviously the NFL players are physically faster but for whatever reason the college football game is faster. There are tons of other reasons too like the tradition the rivalries, etc. I wrote an entire article about it for those that are interested in the rest of the answer.