Friday, August 29, 2008

100 Things Not About Me

26. Movies that scared me as a kid:
Gremlins – gremlin blowing up in the microwave
The Never Ending Story – Atreyu's horse drowning and the wolf attacking Atreyu
Labyrinth – Toby kidnapped, fieries taking off their heads, David Bowie's hair
The Black Cauldron – the Horned King

27. The two movies I quote more than anything are Karate Kid and Tombstone. Neither movie has the MOST quotes but there are two quotes from both movies that I use more than any. They are “Sweep the Leg”, “No Mercy”, “I'm a daisy if you do” and “I'm your huckleberry.”

28. My sister informed me that nobody calls it “Ice Hockey” just “hockey”. There are two reasons I called it “Ice Hockey.” Number one is my first experience with hockey was playing the NES game and it's called “Ice Hockey.” Number two is the first hockey I watched on television was actually roller hockey not ice hockey. I don't remember what the league was called but it came on during the summer and they played on a blue court if I recall. I'm pretty sure that some NHL players were in the league. I remember Eric Dejardins for some reason but I could've made that up.

29. Best fast food burger – Wendy's, best fries – Chick-fil-a, best milkshake – Chick-fil-a,

30. Since this a hockey blog. My favorite hockey video game of all-time was Mutant League Hockey for the Genesis. For those unfamiliar with Mutant League Hockey all the hockey players were mutants like trolls, aliens and skeletons. If you didn't feel like scoring goals you could also win the game by killing enough of the opposing players that they have to forfeit. There were also all kinds of obstacles on the rink like fire pits and mines. I also liked EA's NHL series for a while but haven't played one since the Genesis days.

31. I wear a lot of baseball caps and my absolute favorite is my Birmingham Thunderbolts hat. The Birmingham Thunderbolts were an XFL team. I never watched any of their games but picked it up one day just because it was an usual hat, that and the league had folded so the hat was $1.00. I've been wearing for like 5 years now so it's broken in and dirty how I like it. Unfortunately I think I lost it on vacation this week.

32. Since we're on the topic of fashion. I was once known to a lot of people as the guy that wore the red shoe. I say “shoe” and not “shoes” because I only had one red shoe and wore it with another shoe that didn't match. One of my teammates on my basketball team wore red shoes and we always picked on him for it. One year we had a dirty Santa party where everybody brings a gag gift. My friend brought one (not both) of his red shoes. I “won” it and he dared me to wear it. I think he dared me to win it just once but I wore it for about 10 years.

33. When I have enough money and can find a good job there I want to live in the North. I like the cold weather and love snow. Everybody tells me I have no idea what I'm getting into because I can't imagine how cold it gets or how much it snows. I realize I probably have no idea since I've never been to the North in the winter, but I think I'll like it anyway.

34. The only thing that worries me about snowy weather is driving in the snow. I hate driving. About 90% of humans are morons so why should I trust them to operate huge metal death machines going at 70 mph.

35. My television-reality show guilty pleasure is Beauty and the Geek. I have no reason to like that show but it's actually cute and heart warming at times. Most of the beauties are shallow and are there trying to win money but I think a lot of the geeks have actually learned valuable lessons in being social and having more confidence in themselves.

36. Earlier I mentioned the (Sega) Genesis a few times. My most popular article on the website I wrote for (Associated Content) is my article on the top Sega Genesis video games of all-time. It has over 34,000 page views. I'm not sure why that particular article is so popular. I imagine some popular website must have come across it and put a link to it on their website.

37. If I could go to any sporting event it would be the Australian Open. Why not? I get to watch tennis. I get to see Maria Sharapova, Elena Dementieva, Ana Ivanovic and Nicole Vaidisova up close and I get to go to Australia.

38. Speaking of Elena Dementieva, I didn't know until the Olympics that she s dating a Buffalo Sabre. He is now my favorite Sabre.

39. One sport that I've always wanted to play is called Bossaball. Bossaball is a mix between soccer, volleyball and jumping on a trampoline. There is a net like in volleyball but there is a trampoline on the front line in the center where one person jumps the whole time and can spike the ball. Players are also allowed to kick the ball and often do some bicycle kicks and whatnot.

40. I'm pretty sure that my sister mentioned she goes every bare foot. 99% of the time I'm the opposite. I wear shoes almost all the time unless I'm getting ready to go to bed. The 1% of the time that I don't wear shoes is when I drive. For some reason I prefer to feel the brake and gas pedals with my foot instead of my shoe.

41. My favorite character of all-time (book, movie, television show, it doesn't matter) is Robin Hood. First of all I like that he's good but still a rebel. I don't like goody two shoes like Superman. I like that he wears all green and I love archers. They have a cool weapon but it takes a lot more skill than shooting a gun. I mean Arnold Schwarzenegger's guns are big enough that he can miss his target by 3 miles and still blow it up.

42. My favorite version of Robin Hood is the Disney movie but I also love the movie starring Errol Flynn and the current television show on BBC.

43. I can spell Arnold Schwarzenegger without looking it up.

44. The one word I can never spell correctly is villain. I always spell it villian and then have to change it when the spell check says it is wrong. At first I felt stupid for always misspelling a word but then I found that one of my friends, who is actually an excellent writer, always gets from and form backwards.

45. I have lived in Alabama for 28 years but I have never hunted, fished, ridden a tractor, drank beer, drove a pickup truck or married a relative. I do have missing teeth though.

46. I like giving athletes nicknames. Today's sports nicknames are horrible. Usually the nicknames I give players are only things I would think about because I get to them in very round about ways and they usually have nothing to do with that athlete. For example I call Carlos Beltran of the New York Mets “Soundwave.” Why? Because Beltran (pronounced Beltron) sounds like the name of a robot and my favorite robot is Soundwave from Transformers.

47. I only like the Transformers cartoon and the original cartoon movie. The new movie sucked.

48. The best properties to own are the yellow properties. For my explanation why read my article.

49. Some day when have my own house and can have a pet I'm going to have a dog named Marvin Gardens.

50. After me and my sister played fantasy baseball for a couple of seasons she asked me if I wanted to play fantasy hockey with her. I had never seen an entire ice hockey game before, I didn't read a single website or magazine. I just picked my team based on 1) players that were ranked high 2) players that I have heard of on ESPN and 3) players' names that I liked. I won the regular season and playoffs.


S.A.M. said...

Lee, when are you going to get your own blog?

What a great post! And I loved your article about Monopoly, one of my favorite board games. (the others are clue, trivial pursuit and scrabble). My thing with the Red properties is that if I land on one the first time around (usually Indiana), I have to buy it, or else I will land there every time. (and pay rent)
And I agree that Boardwalk is super overrated.

Bossaball sounds crazy.

I love Robin Hood (the BBC series is great, isn't it? but WHOA how about the ending of this year? You think there will be a season 3?)


Lee Andrew said...

Thanks Sam. When am I going to get a blog? I've had about 15 of them, including one that my sister has linked on the side. But I've never been able to get a single person to read any of them so I keep on quitting them. Maybe if you promise to read every post then I'll start a new one. :)

The season 2 finale of Robin Hood was a shock. I have no idea where they can go from here but BBC has confirmed there will be a Season 3. According to Wikipedia it won't be until 2009 though.

S.A.M. said...

ah yes of course I see the link now. (I'm a little slow)

I'll read yours if you read Mine

it's mostly about hockey, but I try to keep it fun and lighthearted. :)

Good to hear that BBC says there should be another season, though I'm really curious as to where they go next. Love the show though, it's extremely cheezy but great fun.

Kathee said...

Heather, can you PUHLEEZE pester Lee to finish the rest of this list?? Use your big-sister skills to scare him into it, if you have to! I need to know the rest of the list :D

Sherry said...

Somebody else in North America who loves the BBC version of 'Robin Hood'! I thought i was the only one!