Monday, June 2, 2008

This Game's Going to Ooooooovertiiiiiiiiiiime!

11:03 - I'm staying up to watch this game but if the Pens win I am not going to be happy. I'm staying up for the Stanley Cup and the Stanley Cup alone.

11:07 - Some people over at IPB where I'm currently hanging out aren't happy about the Detroit crowd chanting "We want the Cup!" I admit, I would totally be chanting “We want the Cup!” if I were in their shoes. Every God in the universe hates Buffalo so we’d get smitten anyway, I’m sure. May as well enjoy the game before it happens.

11:15 - I'm thinking it would be helpful if Detroit moved the puck to the other end of the ice. Might be easier to score.

11:22 - I either need the Penguins to win soon or the Red Wings to win eventually. If I’m going to stay up for another OT I need a guarantee the Wings are going to win. Someone guarantee!

11:24 - Bullhonky goalie interference call on Henrik Zetterberg. One of my least favorite things about officiating in the NHL is how often coaches complaining about it has an effect.

11:43 - CBC is doing a highlight package to These Eyes by the Guess Who. Maybe it's just the late hour but I'm totally cracking up.

11:47 - Second OT. You can tell I've spent too much time this season reading game diaries at Sabres Edge because I actually just thought, "Bummer, John Vogl is probably going to miss deadline. Poor guy."

11:50 - Okay, that was a bullhonky goalie interference call. Maybe the last one was debatable but this was total crap. Seriously, after that I don't want to hear another Penguins fan complain about Osgood diving because Fleury went down awfully hard and far for a guy who barely got bumped. Terrible. I thought we were trying to get rid of diving?

11:52 - That said, Fleury is the only reason the Penguins haven't lost this game already. He's been lights out.

11:55 - Tim Kennedy looks a little bit like Brian Campbell 2.0 - slightly awkward-looking, stringy red hair. I'm sure he'll get along fine with the girls anyway though.

12:05 - Shower, brush teeth, wash face, race back to the TV.

12:30 - The one good thing about all this extra hockey - besides extra hockey! - is extra Kelly Hrudey. Kelly Hrudey!

12:31 - Third OT. The Red Wings are going to win, right? Right? Please say I'm right.

12:34 - Franzen just misses a nice opportunity in front of the net. I've been wondering, just how does a mule skate anyway? I would think very awkwardly. It must take extra skill to coordinate four legs.

12:40 - This game is beginning to take on that "someone is going to make a bone-headed mistake that leads to a goal" feel about it. As much as I want to see the Cup, I do hate those endings.


12:47 - Aww, hell. This whole season blows. The Hockey Gods hate me even when the Sabres aren't playing. Still, I did originally say Wings in six. Please say I'm going to be right about that.


Grumps said...

Just be happy the game wasn't on the west coast.

Jennifer said...

That was about the best game that I have ever watched that wasn't a Sabres game. I know the Pens have infuriated some people by their lack of play in this series, but that just reminds me of the Sabres. I am still holding on for them to win it all.

Jennifer said...
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Kate said...

Ah, Heather. Your early-in-OT desperate pleas for reassurance that the Wings would eventually win are heartbreaking to read the morning after! That game was a real doozie. The Pens should NOT have won that one.

Kirsten said...

Yay! Extra Kelly Hrudey! I adore him.

I went to sleep because I had to be up early to teach 8 year olds about ponds this morning.

I hate the Pens.

Heather B. said...

Grumps, true. The Dallas-San Jose OT game was a killer for that reason. I didn't make it all the way through that one.

Kirsten, you made the right choice :P