Friday, June 13, 2008

The Shortest Post I've Ever Written

According to Mirtle, Brian Campbell finished fifth in the voting for the Norris Trophy. Fifth. In the league. Fifth. Fifth from the top, not the bottom. Number five. The number five best defenseman in the league. Yes, he's a very good offensive defenseman. Shouldn't the award for best defenseman take defense into consideration as well? A little bit? Maybe? If this isn't proof that the NHL needs to come up with an award for best defensive defensemen, I don't know what does. This is a traveshamockery for sure.

I really came here to tell you that I have a new post up at ModFan. Pookie, Schnookie, Patty, Kate and I all came up with a list of five things about the season we loved and five things about the season we hated and I'm up to bat. Henrik Tallinder, Bucky Gleason, Jason Pominville, and the Boston Bruins are all involved. To find out who goes on which side of the ledger you'll have to follow the link. (Because I'm sure you're unclear on how I feel about at least a couple of those guys.) You should read everyone else's answers while you're there too.


sabresfan88 said...

You linked to Mirtle with both links.

Ah well, I'll go find it the old fashioned way.

Heather B. said...

I guess that's how stunned I was by that Mirtle post :P

Thanks for pointing that out, sabresfan88. Link has been corrected.

amy said...

I can't say whether I'm more surprised about Campbell's position in the Norris race or the Lady Byng race (6th). Somehow, Soupy doesn't quite fit the mold of either trophy. He's not the first guy I think of when I think "gentlemanly play."

I wonder how much those 5th and 6th place finishes are going to add to his shiny new contract?

Mark B said...

Wow, I really thought I dreamt you saying this about Soupy.

But here it is in writing! Nah, I must still be having a nightmare.