Sunday, June 1, 2008

That Other Hank is Pretty Good Too

Nick who? Today I am in love with Henrik Zetterberg. His 5-on-3 penalty kill against the Penguins last night was just beautiful. I'd link video of it but the NHL doesn't seem to consider anything that isn't a goal, a huge hit, or a save a highlight. (It's tough loving defense sometimes.) But to sum up, he blocked a shot, tied up Sidney Crosby right beside the net to prevent what probably would have been a goal, and then chugged down the ice with a short-handed opportunity. He was a demon and I love it. What a luxury to be able to put your three or four best players out on the ice in that situation. It makes me really grateful that Jason Pominville and Derek Roy are turning out to be very good penalty killers and that Lindy Ruff seems to want Thomas Vanek to get to that point too. I don't really understand why Sidney Crosby doesn't kill penalties. He appears to have the ability and the hockey sense. I said a few posts ago that Chris Osgood's diving wasn't hurting the Penguins because the Red Wings weren't converting on the powerplay but it does get Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin off the ice.

It's only been four games but for some reason it feels like this round is taking for-ever. I've been finding more ways to pass the time during the Finals though. Friday night I watched the National Spelling Bee while emailing with Kate, Pookie, Schnookie, and Patty. The highlight - which I missed when it originally aired was eventual winner Sameer Mishra getting the world "numnah" and thinking the word was "numbnuts." His "That's a relief!" when he realized what the word actually was totally cracked me up.

I was really glad he won out over the other two finalists, a Marcia Brady lookalike and a 12-year-old with a mustache. He was the only acceptable winner out of that crew.

Today I'm going to kick back and watch the College Softball World Series. Right now I'm cheering on my alma mater, the University of Alabama against Arizona State. The Crimson Tide has to win twice today in order to get to the championship round which will be a tough grind but I'd love to see them do it. I don't really follow softball much during the season but I always watch what I can of the World Series. I was a hardcore fastpitch player when I was younger, playing in school and on traveling teams, and I dreamed of playing in the World Series but I burned out before I got to that point. (Which is not to say I was good enough to play at a World Series-level school but I probably could've played at college somewhere especially since all the SEC teams were brand new programs my freshman year of college. And now I'll quit tooting my own horn.) I love playing in gym with my kids at work and I always look forward to softball in the spring because most of my boys are at an age where they're still surprised to see a girl who's good at sports. Even though I've been playing with them all year, I love, love, love their reaction during my first at-bat. As one of them said this year, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" They're so adorably sexist.

Your fearless blogger back in the glory days.

Getting ready to jack one deep.

In a battle between Don't Mess With the Zohan, The Love Guru and death, I happily welcome sweet, sweet death.

Roll Tide, Roll!


Pookie said...

First of all, those pictures are awesome! You're such a bad-ass!

Secondly, "numbnuts" was the greatest thing ever.

Thirdly, Sid was supposed to be put on the PK as an experiement this year. I don't know if the injury put an end to that or if he played himself off of it. I wonder if they'll try it again next.

Jennifer said...

I wonder if they'll try it again next.

With the way this series is heading, it couldn't hurt to pull out all the stops, mix it up a little.

Caitlin said...

Ms. Heather, you are AWESOME! Awesome, I tell you! And any Southern team is good in my books -- Roll Tide, indeed!

Kate said...

Heather, these pictures are awesome!

LeeAndrew said...

I wouldn't mess with the Zohan if they paid me to.

I don't know what's sadder, that Ben Kingsley is IN the Love Guru or that he isn't even billed on the commercial making him less important to the average viewer than Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and Mini-Me.

Kirsten said...

congrats on the house!