Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Most Classless Fans in the NHL

It seems like everywhere I turned this past season, I found a fan or blogger accusing Sabres fans of being totally classless. We're rowdy, we're disrespectful, and we eat babies and puppies. I admit, I thought this was exaggeration. Someone somewhere acted poorly and Sabres fans everywhere have been paying for it ever since. Well, guess what. It might be true after all.

We arrived at the draft early enough to wander around the Fan Fest dealie (pretty lame unless you're under the age of 10) and Pookie and Schnookie decided to stock up on hockey cards for Project Bicycle Spokes. When they opened a pack and revealed a Daniel Alfredsson card well... the monster took over.

First, before I even knew what was happening, I snatched the card out of Pookie's hand. I was immediately overwhelmed by the urge to draw something - anything! - on it.

And then it got really ugly. I almost hate to admit this because it's so horrible. Please take a deep breath and prepare yourself. I threw the card on the ground in disgust and STOMPED on it. I stomped on it with everything in me and I did it in front of Senators fans including, yes, some very young children. I'm pretty sure I heard tears and shrieks of, "Why, Daddy, whyyyyyy?!?!?!"

I'M A MONSTER!!!! And if you're a Sabres fan, you probably are too. I mean, this isn't even taking into account that I traded "Let's go, Buffalo!" chants with a few fans on the other side of the building towards the end of the first round... WHILE IN SOMEONE ELSE'S ARENA! Classless through and through.

More tomorrow about the actual draft. I'm pretty tired.


Jennifer said...

Heather, I am shocked at the lack of class that you girls are displaying at the draft. You are giving us all a bad name. I'm just glad you didn't rip the card into a million pieces (which I probably would have done).

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Lee Andrew said...

Any sport that has a team in Philadelphia already has their designated most classless fan base.

TheTick said...

Alfie was there, you should've done that to his actual face.

/classless and likes it

Heather B. said...

289, I'm totally offended by that story. Outside of Ottawa fans, I think Buffalo probably had the best representation at least among those who were wearing jerseys or team shirts. Dude, I saw TWO Nathan Paetsch jerseys. TWO!

Lee, considering that you're saying that without even being that familiar with the Flyers, I'm pretty impressed. That speaks pretty poorly of Philly.

Tick, unfortunately I was out getting a drink during Alfie's introduction. He was wrapping things up by the time I came back.

Kate said...


S.A.M. said...

that post was AWESOME! I would have done the same thing, or worse to an Alfie card. *shudder* he's just gross.

I once burned a Claude Lemuiex card when he played for the Avs. I kept the ashes for a while. I hated that bastard.

Sherry said...

This makes my heart sad :(

Heather B. said...

Oh, Sherry I'm sorry! Would it help if I said it was really more for our amusement than anything else? Although Alfie DID once board Hank and my memory is long... :P

Jennifer said...

Although Alfie DID once board Hank and my memory is long... :P

Well then, Alfie deserved what he got and worse. That's not classless, that's protecting our own. How dare he get close enough to Hank that some of his grossness might rub off on the defensive god (I know that's taking it a little too far, but...), let alone have the nerve to board him. He's just lucky you didn't do any damage to the real Alfie.

Sherry said...

Well...I GUESS. Mark Bell is most certainly on my crap-list for what he did to Alfie, so I guess I would have done the exact same thing :P