Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Has Little to Do With Hockey and Nothing to Do With Henrik Tallinder

I stole this image from The Goose's Roost:

I'm going to skip the obvious answers to this question and just say that it really, really bothers me that "Why Not Us" does not end in a question mark. I suppose an exclamation point is acceptable in this case - although I am mostly anti-exclamation point because they're hardly ever really necessary, in my opinion - but it should be accompanied by a question mark. Because even if you're saying it with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, it's still a question. If I were a Flyers fan - and please shoot me in the head if that ever happens - I would flatly refuse to wear this shirt. I bought the Rick Jeanneret "Now Do You Believe" shirt and it has the same problem. Exclamation point, no question mark. If I'd noticed that before I bought it, I never would've paid for it because it bothers me so much that I have a hard time wearing it. I can't stop looking at it. And yes, I'm completely serious. I don't have a lot of hang-ups but weird grammatical things like that is one of them.

I got tired of messing with the background so I'm back to the blue and gold. I was totally in love with my snazzy graphics background - my little brother Lee, the best little brother I've ever had, spent pretty much all day Sunday coming up with one that would work for me - and if I could, I would visit all of you and adjust your monitors until it looked as beautiful for you as it did for me but alas, that's out of the question. So this will have to do because I don't plan on going near my layout settings again for a very long time.

Hockey post coming tomorrow night, I promise.


What's the Opposite of a Grammar Nazi! said...

Why Not an Exclamation Point!

Gambler said...

It's too bad your background didn't work out, because I really loved the pictures (nice work Lee!), even if there was a bit of an overlap on my monitor. Of course, I especially enjoyed that bad-ass one of Yo-Yo at the Ice Bowl. But good work with the banner, and I definitely understand needing to take a break from the layout settings.

Jennifer said...

I like how you still managed to get a mention of Henrik Tallinder in there. Smooth!!!

Pookie said...

Aw, I miss the snazzy background! Lee, you did great work.

As for the exclamation point, I had hard time using them for a few years there after I heard the quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald that "using an exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke". But, since starting to communicate online, I've found the no-really-I'm-just-joking exclamation point to be very, very important. Maybe that's what the Flyers are going for here? A "ha ha, can you believe we're saying 'why not us'? lol!" Heh.

Kate said...

I laugh at my own jokes ALL THE TIME!!!!!! :D LOL!!!!!!!!


Heather B. said...

Pookie, I think my problem is similar to Fitzgerald's - I might have even read that quote at one point. The words should get across the emotion, not the punctuation. But I do agree that online communication is a different beast altogether. That's why I occasionally indulge in emoticons even though I kind of hate them.

I uh... am not sure the Flyers have enough self-awareness to make fun of themselves :P (<---- signifies joking and/or sarcasm)

Patty (in Dallas) said...

I'm all for the exclamation point in that shirt's sentiment, but not INSTEAD of the question mark!

I would likely get my ass handed to me by a Flyers fan if I ever met one that was wearing that shirt. Because there's no way I'd be able to stop myself from saying something to him about it.