Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pittsburgh Penguins: Only Mostly Dead

Okay, now that was a hockey game. I didn't really think the first two games were as boring as some people seem to feel they were - I think there's something really fun and beautiful about watching a team as skilled as the Wings come out and perfectly execute - but it was definitely nice to have at least a little back and forth. When this series is over, hockey is over and then I have nothing to write about.

- I'm cheering for the Wings but their crowd is a dud compared to Pittsburgh's. Crowds like tonight's really make me miss the Sabres, especially the Sabres in the postseason. A few rounds ago I kind of made fun of Pittsburgh's outdoor crowds - they're sitting down for crying out loud! - but I am impressed that they got 13,000 people out to Mellon Arena for an away game. And I do think it's very cool that they donated the ticket sales to Mario Lemieux's foundation.

- All that said, I'm not a fan of the white-out. When you look at the crowd against the ice, it all blurs together. I like the Calgary red better. I think a color pops better on camera.

- It cracks me up that there's no alcohol allowed in the crowd outside Mellon. I'm a teetotaler so if you tell me there's no alcohol I'm just going to shrug and move on, but I love that when HSBC tried to tell Sabres fans there would be no alcohol at the Party in the Plaza, Buffalo nearly revolted. What kind of blue collar city are you, Pittsburgh that you would just let The Man come in and steal your beer?

- My favorite playoff beard this round is easily Jordan Staal. There are other beards that are thicker and fuller but I love his because when you see him from far away the blonde scruff above his upper lip disappears so all you can see is the scruff along his jaw, making him look Amish. If he wore a black hat instead of a helmet I'd ask him if he could come over and make me some new bookshelves.

What you take into your hands, you take into your heart.

- I think the Pens are done now. They pretty much outplayed Detroit tonight and they were still barely hanging on to the victory at the end. Detroit got their scare, they'll refocus for the next game and go back to their casually dominating selves.


coolman856 said...

I think that you are right that the series is still going to be short but damn that was an entertaining game to watch. It didnt compel me to switch the game over to video games or the Celtics series.

Vanek's Hair said...

I disagree on favorite playoff beard. Mine is Sydney Crosby's Mariachi Band 'Stache.

Not watching a lot of the playoffs, because for the most part they have been too dull. But no beer outside the Mellon? Come on. I am sure that if Buffalo tried that (again) the ingeniuty of BUffalonians would kick in.

Jennifer said...

Oh, that is a freaky image of Staal. Yikes!

These playoff beards are getting very "mountain man" like. Max Talbott has my vote.

Kate said...

:^:::::::::::::::::: to Jordan Staal as an Amish dude.