Thursday, May 8, 2008


So I was going to write about the whole Jim Balsillie wanting to buy the Sabres story but Kevin pretty much said it all.

And then I was going to laugh at how Kevin Sylvester - who has never appeared to be particularly big - dwarfs Nathan Gerbe in their interview on the Sabres site but Kate covered that.

So I got nothing. Instead I'm just going to post my current YouTube favorite. The geek factor on this one is fairly high but it totally cracked me up, partly because Mark spent all day and night Saturday shooting ducks on the internet in an effort to unlock the new trailer for The Dark Knight.

And here's said trailer which looks totally freaking sweet. Two-Face is my favorite comic book villain and I'm pretty stoked that Christopher Nolan seems to be taking the time to really develop Harvey Dent's back story rather than suddenly dropping Two-Face into a movie. There are a few movies I want to see this summer but this is definitely the one I'm the most excited about.

If you're the type to laugh at other people's pain - and aren't we all - check this out. It's much funnier than it has the right to be.

While I'm glad they lost, I do really like this photo of Joe Thornton and Evgeni Nabokov (I recommend clicking on it for the enlarged version so you can see their sadly sweet expressions):

And the flip side:


twoeightnine said...

I've never been a super hero movie fan but I'm going to see this. Ledger just looks amazing in it.

And if you need something to pass the time, I'd recommend Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Just saw it tonight and it's second to Run Fatboy Run for the best movie I've seen in the theater in the last few months.

Kate said...

Ha! That Iron Man/Batman conversation was hilarious. And I loved the announcer in the mascot clip all, "He just put his head back on and popped back up!" Heh. You don't hear that everyday.

Mark B said...

I remember the criticism Nolan took online when Ledger was cast, but I just know he's going to make us forget Jack's performance in Batman Circa 89. For all the kudos Nicholson got for the performance, it was basically Jack playing himself with white make up on.

Heather knows this, but I am a major Bat-Freak and am counting the days down to TDK. Plus, Batman Begins is my favorite movie of all time and my expectations are sky high for this one. My favorite moment in the trailer is when the Joker says, "Here's my card". Love it!

I hope the movie is a great testament to Heath Ledger's talent and life. I was genuinely heartbroken at his passing even if I didn't see all his movies.

amy said...

I saw that mascot clip on PTI last night. It is way funnier than it should be, but I'm surprised the head doesn't attach to the costume better.