Friday, November 30, 2007

NaBloPoMo Is No Mo'

Well, here we are at a place I thought we'd never arrive: December! NaBloPoMo has finally come to an end and I did pretty darn well, I think. Including this post, I'll have written 29 entries in 30 days. Some of those were crammed into one day, some of them were total throw-aways, and yes, I'm totally cheating and starting this post right before midnight on the 30th while planning to not actually finish it until I feel like getting around to it on the 1st... but hey, they're now out there for all posterity for better or for worse.

November wasn't easy for the Sabres who were 6-6-1 for the month. But even in some of those losses, they played really good hockey and they seem to be righting the ship and figuring some things out. Overall the team looks and sounds more confident than they did a few weeks ago. So even though their record still isn't great and even though I had a bit of an emotional breakdown about halfway through the month, I think there's a lot to be hopeful about. Ryan Miller has looked really sharp, Derek Roy and Thomas Vanek are coming around, the defense has been surprisingly solid (for the most part), and the team is inching slowly toward being completely healthy. November was also helped along greatly by the Senators current losing streak. Hey, you find your pleasure where you can.

So thanks to those of you who have been reading along with me. I'm not planning on falling off the radar or anything, but yeah, you probably shouldn't expect 29 posts in a month ever again.

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Mark B said...

Since you always yell at me when I don't post a comment, I just have to say: nice job all month! Very well done.