Sunday, November 18, 2007

For Those About to Rock...

In honor of NaBloPoMO, I'll be attempting to post something every day in November. If you're not checking in every day, make sure you're catching all the posts! I'm short on time today so nothing of real importance here...

Seriously, I love this whole Player Playlist thing. Toni Lydman's list is pretty much exactly what I expected and somehow, I'm still amused. I will never get over the fact that Toni, who always sounds completely sedated, listens to music like this, much to the chagrin of his non-Drew Stafford teammates. It cracks me right the heck up. I'm sure between the offensive outburst and these tunes, HSBC was rocking hard Friday night.

Captain Toni Lydman salutes you.

Toni Lydman's Playlist
Angel of Death, Slayer
Colony of Birchmen, Mastodon
I'll Cast a Shadow, Pantera
In Your Face, Children of Bodom
No Compromise, The Haunted
Refuse to Be Denied, Anthrax

(The language in some of the links isn't safe for little ears or sensitive big ears.)


Gambler said...

Dude, that picture is not Toni Lydman! The man is like a metamorphmagus! Okay, that's it. Henceforth he shall be known as Tonks Lydman.

Oh, and that playlist is totally hilarious! Tonks is so adorable with his speed metal.

Heather B. said...

Gambler, I know! He's pretty cute in that photo, isn't he? We were talking earlier at IPB about how he somehow manages to look totally different (i.e. anywhere from strange looking to kind of handsome) from picture to picture. It really is quite amazing. He's totally a Tonks!

dave in Rocha said...

Where did you find those photos? I heard that Toni plays the drums (as i do), but I didn't realize that he had done so in a public event (which is what i'm assuming these pics were of).

Heather B. said...

dave, nah, the photos are just from the night Toni came over and jammed with me at my house.

(Okay, they're really from The Steadfast Foundations Charity Catwalk last year. You can find more (very entertaining) pictures here if you like:

ksquared said...

dave the pics of toni are from last February's Catwalk for Charity