Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hank is Awesome, More to Come

So I was going to post last night and it was so late and I was sure I was going to have a snow day today so I decided to post in the morning.  And then I got up this morning, saw the magical words, LACKAWANNA CITY SCHOOLS CLOSED, and thought, "Why am I up when I could be sleeping?"

So while you'd better believe I have plenty to say about the awesomeness of Henrik Tallinder, I'll be saying it later today.  For now enjoy this adorable photo of Nathan Gerbe post-first goal.  I'd click to enlarge for the whole effect.

 Photo by Bill Wippert


Katebits said...

HAHAHA! Toni Lydman.

Anne M said...

Geez, your boy scores AND a bonus day off. Happy times in Heather B Land.

Text I received from Vanek's Hair after Hank's goal: That will make Top Shelf Heather happy.

Bowl of Pork said...

My first thought after Hank scored was "Oh thank god they don't suck" but my second was "I bet Heather is going nuts right now!"