Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We ARE Better Than the Red Wings! Woooo!

Wow, that was ca-razy!  I was babysitting tonight and missed the first period.  When I got in my car to drive home it was 1-1.  By the time I got from Williamsville to Tonawanda, it was 5-1.  I briefly wondered if I shouldn't just keep driving around.  Lindy Ruff said if the Sabres kept creating chances like they were, eventually something would give but I'll tell you what the real difference was:  I hugged the Stanley Cup!  You superstitious "DON'T TOUCH THE CUP!" freaks can take a hike!  I'm clearly the winner here.  And if I need to make a trip to Toronto to hug the Cup every weekend between now and the end of June, I'm okay with that.

I missed most of the good stuff so I can't comment too heavily - you can check out some of the other wonderful Sabres blogs for that today - but I will say that when I saw that touch pass that Derek Roy flipped over the head of a Red Wing and right onto the stick of Thomas Vanek I almost cried with joy.  I would love to love Derek Roy again.

Also, Harry Neale called Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard "Ron Howard" as in "Ron Howard coming in to play goal for Detroit."  Opie in goal.  That totally cracked me up.

I keep trying to remind myself that at this point last season I was really excited, thinking the Sabres had finally righted the ship but you guys... I'm really excited.  Ryan Miller is playing like an elite goalie, the Sabres are giving up very few quality chances, so far they've avoided either giving up when the pucks aren't going in or getting to lax if they are.  Dare I even hope that this season is going to be different than the last two?  Someone please remind me it's too early for that.


Meg said...

It's too early for that, Heather! But not to early to enjoy the sudden and refreshing lack of whining about the Sabres.

(We're first in the division...I'm totally excited about their play so far. This season is going to be so different. [I don't even care that the Kings and Lightning are also first in their divisions.])

SueInVA said...

The difference from last year is "that kid" as I like to call him. I couldn't be more excited about a player than I am about Tyler Myers! It seems to me his presence and ability makes those old veterans realize (finally) that they have to be better!

So, I know it's early and I shouldn't get too excited but yet that is what I am!

Mark B said...

I know we touched on this before, but could Mike Grier possibly be the difference maker? In the past this team would have started getting sloppy and frustrated in games like the Nashville and Phoenix ones. And we would have probably allowed Detroit to stage a comeback or at least cut it 6-5.

I really think he's making a huge difference in the locker room. I wasn't his biggest fan the first time around, but if he's helping Captain Craig and Millsie keep the locker room in good shape, I say extend him after this year!

Shelby Rose said...

I have no idea what could possibly be helping the Sabres play this way, but I like it. I would like to get excited about this team again (and I am), but I'm going to give it until after they can beat a worse off team than them. The Islanders for example. I don't want to see them slack off against those guys.

Lee Andrew said...

You touched the cup but Mark DIDN'T so we don't really know which one is the correct etiquette. It probably depends what all the other Sabres fans in the room did too.

Maybe I should go touch the Cup. I don't have a favorite team yet so there is no telling what will happen.

Heather B. said...

Shelby, good point. As dumb as it sounds, playing a bad team really will be a test for these guys. And Ottawa. Please, can we just beat Ottawa now?

Lee, technically Mark has been not touching the Cup all along. Along with a lot of other people. The only thing that happened that wasn't happening before was me hugging the Cup. So I think I still win.