Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Might Have Been Wrong

I admit it, Tyler Myers looked very good tonight. He's such a good skater, he can handle the puck, he seem to have a pretty good grasp on when to pinch and when not to, he looked fine on special teams, he threw his body around when needed, and he was remarkably composed for a 19-year-old playing in his NHL debut. Montreal's forwards are not very big, and it was only the first game of 82. I still think that if he stays up, we're likely to see him wear down some as the season goes on. But if Myers continues to play like that for the remainder of his 9 game audition, it's going to be awfully hard to send him back down. I was impressed.

I have a few things to address about this game (special teams, Henrik Tallinder, the forwards, and goal reviews, just to name a few), but since we don't play again until Thursday - brilliant scheduling on the part of the NHL - I'm going to save some of those topics for other days. For today, despite the loss and despite a couple of problems, I'm really pretty happy with the game. The effort was there, the team as a whole was definitely tougher than last year, Jochen Hecht looked so much like the Jochen of old that I wanted to cry, the rookies were fine, Chris Butler continued to look great. I'm going to try not to get too excited because I seem to remember last season starting well too, but with a couple of tweaks (i.e. friggin' GOALS), I could watch the team that played tonight for 81 more games easily.

On a personal note, Marlowe experienced her first Sabres opener tonight. Overall it went well. Every time we cheered she popped up and started barking and jumping on us. A little disconcerting since she's usually pretty quiet, but she was going into the spirit of things well.

"Seriously. Now can we take this thing off?"

One down, 81 plus to go.


Jonathan said...

How did the Sabres end up with half a win...I thought there were no ties in hockey? [/snark]

Anonymous said...

I have that problem with my dog also. I get to yelling/cheering whatever and he gets all excited. Of course, as he is a retriever mix, I could shrug quietly and he would get all excited. It doesn't take much with them!


War Penguin said...

Sorry, posted too early on the last one. I was wondering - is Marlowe's jersey an off the shelf product, or did somebody make that? (She doesn't look too happy, but it does look impressive. :)

Heather B. said...

Sue, Marlowe's usually very mellow so I was surprised to see her getting so bouncy. It was cute though.

War Penguin, that's actually MY jersey she's wearing. The girth fit her pretty well - it was big on her - but not uncomfortably so - but it was long on her, especially in the sleeves. It's hard to tell but they're rolled up quite a bit. That was the main thing bothering her. As long as she was sitting it was fine but as soon as she started to walk, she was tripping all over herself.

Shelby Rose said...

That's so cute that she's wearing your jersey! (:

I was also highly impressed with Myers yesterday. I've been negative about him during the preseason, but he played exquisitely well last night.

mcguffers said...

I LOVE Marlowe in the jersey! Have you seen the new Cesar dog food commercials where they have these huge dogs doing little dog things, like climbing into purses and bicycle baskets? That's what I think of when I see Marlowe.

Heather B. said...

mcguffers, I love those commercials. If you sit on the floor, Marlowe will absolutely sit on your lap. Very, very funny.

Lee Andrew said...

If dogs were meant to wear clothes then God would've told Noah to build a JC Penny.