Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Case You're Wondering...

And judging by my email today, some of you are.

Yes, I did read Bucky's story on Henrik Tallinder.  Yes, I did enjoy it.  (Although the "It seemed everybody wanted to spank Hank" line cracked me up.  Really, editors?  I know it rhymes, but it creates a very weird mental image that's particularly funny in light of Hank's sexual history.) I'm happy to see Hank playing well, but I'm even happier to see him looking and sounding more like himself than he did last season.  It's easy to forget sometimes that these guys are human and they go through funks where nothing seems to go quite right just like we do.  I don't care what's behind the rejuvination, I'm just glad it's happening.  Happy Hank makes for a happy Heather B.

Now, let's never speak of this again.

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Vanek's Hair said...

It was nice to see a sort of mea culpa for all the terrible things said about Tallinder over the past few years. But I am sure the first time Tallinder turns the puck over we will see more "He needs a change of scenery" crap.

Also, I was very happy to see that Max Afinogenov salted away last night's game. That's right. I said it.