Monday, September 28, 2009

TBN and the B. Family

Sunday morning I received an email from my favorite TBNer (consider the competition before you get too excited, Mike) asking if I was related to Julian Bermingham of Eden. "Full color photo in today's paper." As it turns out, I am related to Julian Bermingham of Eden and in addition to being pictured, he was quoted a few times in the story about Eden moving into first place in their division.

Run, Julian, run! (Photo by John Hickey/TBN)

I was pretty annoyed with a Jerry Sullivan column a few weeks back - so annoyed that I wrote an old-fashioned snail mail letter to the editor - and I've been on a bit of a TBN boycott since then (with a few weak moments mixed in). For Ju however, I made an exception, and Mark picked up a paper and ink copy of the paper. Unbeknowst to me, I must have passed my TBN issues on to the pooch because in the middle of the Bills game, Marlowe suddenly started eating the newspaper.


Yuck! Bucky!


Let's go on with the real hockey, shall we? I'm calling the Sabres for fifth in the conference.


mcguffers said...

I'm house sitting for a family that has an incontinent dog and a subscription to TBN. I thought I'd be able to save myself from cleaning up a mess by laying the paper on the floor in the basement for the dog to poop on, but when I came in tonight, the paper was crammed in the corner and the dog had relieved himself right on the floor. Proving, in my opinion, that TBN isn't even good enough to poop on.

Meg said...

Aw, Marlowe has gotten so big. And she's still completely adorable.

Kevin said...

Oh. My. Gawd.

I am sooo in love with these pictures. Copy and paste for the next stupid column from Bucky.

Mark B said...

Nice - a blog entry for both the pride and joy of our immediate family and the pride and joy of our extended family!

joe said...

Very Creative.. I hope your dog didn't eat up a Mike Harrington article.

joe said...

BTW, 5TH is a little high

Heather B. said...

Joe, Marlowe carefully ate around Inside Baseball. (Just kidding. She might have gotten a Harrington column in there. But I'm sure it went down easier. :P)

I wavered between 5th and 6th and decided to walk on the wild side. I'll probably address this more in the next few days but I think New York and Montreal will finish below us and I think either Carolina or NJ will be not as good as maybe expected and also possibly finish below us. I have no real rational thought behind this, just for the record. Heh.