Sunday, September 20, 2009

Preseason is Hard

I always forget how hard it is to really tell anything from the preseason so I'm afraid I'm low on insight so far. I did find a link to an internet stream of the Detroit game but I bailed on it. The picture wasn't good enough to trade in Rick and Harry for another broadcasting team.

I'm a little discouraged to see the Sabres once again falling into the trap of not playing a complete game. The whole "Hey, it's the third period, maybe we should start playing now!" routine was tiresome last season. But I am an optimist by nature so for now I'm going to pretend this is just a preseason thing, the result of playing a lot of kids.

Two quick things.

First, I am intrigued by Tyler Ennis. For all the talk about Tyler Myers tearing up juniors, little Tyler's numbers are pretty darn good. I'm going strictly on what other people have said at this point, but it would appear that he's looked pretty good in the preseason so far. He has more talent ahead of him than big Tyler, at least for now, but I'm really interested to see how he does in Portland this year and how fast he works his way up the ladder.

I saw the Tylers drafted live and in person so I want them both to be really, really good. (Photo by Andre Ringuette/Getty Images)

Second, I am slightly concerned about Henrik Tallinder not playing in a preseason game yet. When I made a crack about it on Twitter last night ("Hank isn't playing again so I can only assume that means he has his top 6 spot all wrapped up. Right? Riiiiiight?") I wasn't really at all concerned but then a certain journalist broke it down all journalisty and told me if he didn't play Monday night something might be up. So now I am slightly concerned (Mike). I mean, I want Hank to be happy and successful (and I want the Sabres to be good) and if that means a trade, it means a trade. But I also do not want to pick a new favorite player or buy a new jersey right now. And I definitely don't want to have to create a new blog header.

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joe said...

Dont believe in preseason! in any sport! remember everyone was scared about Trent Edwards looking like crap in the preseason, and now he has the 2nd most tds in the AFC. Don't fall into the hype or the panic.