Saturday, September 5, 2009

Important Tallinder Update

All right, it's been kind of heavy around here this week. Since it's the weekend, and a holiday weekend at that, let's lighten the mood.

One of my very favorite things in the world is when people send me emails. I'm not kidding, I'm an email addict. I can't even tell you how many times a day I check my email because I pretty much always have it open in a tab in my browser.

Yesterday I received a delightful email from Tamara of Robbing Him Blind. Those of you who remember my Puck Drop post from last season will remember that my pleasure upon meeting Hank was dampened only by the revelation that he'd recently gotten a buzz cut. Hank was, in the end, handsome enough to carry off the look but even he was cutting it close. (Ha! Buzz cut? Cutting it close? That's funny, right? No?)

Well, Tamara and Shelby of Puck Over the Glass went to practice at the Pepsi Center this week. Obviously the issue of the buzz cut bothered them as much as it did me because when Hank stopped to sign an autograph after practice, Tamara asked him if he had any hair these days. Not only did Hank answer, he took off his helmet, tousled his hair, and then agreed to pose for photographic proof.

Two things. One, I love, love, love Hank for good-naturedly answering what is a silly, if very important, inquiry. I like players who don't mind a little silliness. Two, I love, love, love Tamara for thinking to asking this question. I doubt Mike Harrington or John Vogl would think of that, and that's a strike against them as far as I'm concerned.

Tamara assures me that there's even more hair than appears in this photo. The sweat was working against him.

I think that's the face of a d-man about to have a great season, Buffalo.


Pookey said...

I forgot to tell you in the email, but, when he didn't understand what was asking him, I messed up my own hair going ' do YOU have HAIR!?'

and what a good sport he was, making sure we were all sleeping at night with this news. Though Shelby thinks he's going to shave it before the Puck Drop -glares-

Katebits said...

HAHAHA! Good investigative work, Tamara. Well done.

Pookey said...

Thank you, Katebits! Shelby had major influence in it.

Shelby Rose said...

Regarding on what Tamara said, it was quite funny because she had to ask him not once, not twice, but three times if he had any hair. Then he took off the helmet, and we all clapped in regards to him not shaving it. I hope I'm wrong (and didn't jinx it) so that he keeps it before the season starts!

We both figured this news would delight you. (:

Heather B. said...

Shelby, I'm not exaggerating at all when I say I was completely DELIGHTED by the email and picture. I'm so tickled that people think of me when they see Hank :D

Pookey said...

I kept saying ' I should tell Heather! Would Heather care? I should tell Heather!'

Caroline said...

I've always had a soft spot for Tallinder because he's always so sweet whenever I've talked to him.

Lee Andrew said...

At first I thought this post was pretty silly but then I thought, what would Caitlin Lowe look like without hair?

I now approve of this post.

amy said...

Buzz cut? Cutting it close?

I like what you did there, hahaha.

stephy said...

That's my picture haha :)