Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things I Like

Well, for once November's wretched schedule is working in my favor. Immediately after Saturday night's game I was trying desperately to think of plans I could make for Wednesday night so I wouldn't have to sit through another second of Sabres hockey. But now it's been so long that I'm actually looking forward to another game. Kind of.

Listen, it's all been whining and moaning and pessimism and woe-is-me around here lately. Today we're going to try something different. It's a holiday weekend and I do still like hockey and the Sabres. No, I'm pretty sure I do!

I like how sincere Jason Pominville is. When Derek Roy talks about sticking to The System, he's just saying words. I think Pommers actually believes if they just stick to The System, everything will be fine.

I like how Danny Paille plays really hard and always finds ways to contribute even when he's not on the score sheet.

I like that Lindy Ruff said on the radio that his favorite part of Thanksgiving is the mashed potatoes and gravy, even above the turkey. That's my kind of man.

I also like that, no matter how bad things get, we always have Lindy's sense of humor even when it's a little more grumpy and pointed.

As annoying as it can sometimes be when we hang on to a guy too long, I do like that the Sabres tend to show some loyalty to players, especially ones they drafted and developed.

I like that Thomas Vanek seems to have found a level of comfort with being the go-to guy on the team. I like seeing him with some confidence. I like seeing him get a little attention from people outside of Buffalo.

I like seeing Teppo Numminen on the ice. He may be old and he may have slowed down a step and we can debate whether he should have been re-signed another day. For now I just want to appreciate what a miracle it is that he's playing at all. I like seeing him out there with all the youngsters.

I like that Henrik Tallinder, unlike some people, seemed really upset about being scratched and I hope it means he really buckles down.

I like that Craig Rivet, a reluctant transplant, seems to have fallen in love with Buffalo a little.

I like how steady Jochen Hecht is. He just shows up every night and goes about his business, never getting too high or too low.

I like how hilariously, sincerely blunt Jaroslav Spacek is. I like that he always says what's on his mind and I like that if the team stinks, he'll usually say, "We stink." Only he'll say it faster and funnier.

I like that it's a long season which means there's plenty of time for the Sabres to right the ship. There's a lot of hockey left to be played.


Cari said...

I like that Henrik Tallinder, unlike some people, seemed really upset about being scratched and I hope it means he really buckles down.

Seriously, though, HE'S REALLY THE ONLY ONE. That's really pathetic.

amanda said...

Great post, Heather. I tend to be optimistic to the nth degree, which I'm sure is pretty annoying to people around me, but even I've been getting down on our boys lately.

How can I stay down on them when Pommer is around? It's pretty much impossible to be mad at a face like his. And Jochen? I've got faith. Thomas? He da man. Teppo? Great hair, steadying presence. I think I'm falling in love with this team (or at least parts of it) all over again.

amy said...

Hank sounded genuinely pissed that he was scratched. Staffy and Max kind of were like "eh, what can you do." I'll take a pissed off hockey player over a complacent one any day. It will be interesting to see how the two game benching affects Max and Hank.

ElmaGolf said...

Unfortunately with Hank, his anger seemed misdirected. I'd be happy if his anger was "I'm mad that I put myself in this situation."

Unfortunately, some of his comments came off a bit like "what the heck is Lindy's problem?"

I wonder if Lindy's stiff reaction has been building for awhile. I get the impression from some of Lindy's interviews that he's expressed concerns to Hank and Hank doesn't seem to think there's an issue.

Here's hoping it turns around tonight!

Heather B. said...

Elma, I see what you're saying and I don't disagree. And believe me, as a Hank fan I'm a little discouraged that Hank still hasn't played very well even though it does sound Lindy has been talking to him about it for a while now.

That said, I'll take misdirected anger over "eh, whatever" any day of the week. Even if Hanks plays better to spite Lindy or prove he's full of it, the end result is him playing better. I think that's all Lindy really cares about.

(But you're not wrong that I'm letting a little more slide with Hank than I would with others. If Roy-Z tried to pull that, "I think Lindy's crazy to sit me" stunt, I'd kick his ass :P)