Sunday, November 16, 2008

And You Thought Election Season Was Over

So one of my favorite blogs, First Time Caller, Long Time Listener, has been doing a Buffalo Media showdown for the last couple of weeks. They started with a bracket of 16 of Buffalo's sports media personalities - newspaper writers, radio personalities, TV talking heads - and are slowly moving toward crowning their official blog media personality. Readers cast their votes via a poll, leaving a comment in support of their candidate if they so desire and the winner lives to fight another day. So far Dennis Williams, Stu Boyer, John Vogl, Mike Schopp, Bulldog, Paul Hamilton, Jerry Sullivan, Jeremy White, Ed Kilgore, Howard Simon, Jeff Russo and Bucky Gleason have all been cast aside. Still standing are Nick Mendola and Mike Harrington in one bracket, John Murphy and Brad Riter in the other bracket.

I've been meaning to plug this since it started because it's been pretty entertaining so far and some of the comments on the polls have been fun to read. It hasn't taken long to suss out that certain bloggers/readers have their favorites and I guess my pick must be pretty obvious because Tedd, one of the proprietors of FTLT, emailed me this weekend to ask me if I would write a little campaign speech for the Buffalo News' Mike Harrington. Mike is up against Nick Mendola and it seems that Tedd and Nick have been friends for a few years and Tedd was having a hard time writing an objective post. Evidently he's not aware that bloggers are in no way required to be objective. Either that or he's just a nice guy who's trying to be fair.

Either way, it was kind of fun since while I would definitely call myself a Mike Harrington fan I hadn't ever really thought about why. If you're interested - and I don't know why you wouldn't be - you can find that post at FTLT at some point today. I can't link you there directly because it hasn't been posted as of this writing Sunday night but come on, I think you can handle some of these things yourself.

I'm sure Tedd will write an interesting, funny intro for Nick Mendola because that's what he does. But if you're smart, love blogs and want to remain my friend, you'll vote for Harrington.

(Just kidding.)

My name is Mike Harrington and I've approved this message.*

* - Not entirely true.


Zach said...

Pimping your own guy out see how you are. I totally agree with you on the fact that Harrington is probably the best News writer out there. He just seems that he hasnt lost the passion for sports that most sportswriters lose when they start writing. For him it still isnt a job yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for contributing, though, well, you know, your aide to Mike Harrington is useless.

t said...

It looks like Mr. Mendola is making one hell of a come back. Looks like he is stumping for himself out there. I might suggest that you tell Mr. Harrington the same.