Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not Much To Say

- Boston again? Really? Aren't we done with them yet? I missed one of the games against them and I still feel like we've played them twice as much as last season. We're done with them after this game, right? Please?

- I'm so glad to hear Lindy Ruff just straight-up call out Derek Roy. There's an interview with him on Sabres TV right now where someone asks about Thomas Vanek being moved from his line and Lindy said, "Derek has three even strength points. His game needs to be better." Hallelujah and amen!

- It's time to put Tim Connolly down. When the team is throwing in fancy words to make an injury sound extra-special, it's time. (For some reason it cracks me up that the PR guy text-messages statements to the press.)

- I know everyone is clamoring to see Nathan Gerbe and I know Tim Kennedy is the center but the Portland guy I'm the most interested in seeing is Mark Mancari. For some reason I got it in my head that he was one of those guys who wasn't going to ever stick at the NHL level so I'm a little intrigued by his production so far. He's a pretty big guy too which we need. (For the record, at first I accidentally typed "he's a big pretty guy.")

-Interesting list of some of the local charities various Sabres players are involved with at They're all worthy causes, of course, but I have a little bit of a soft spot for Patrick Kaleta's involvement with Cradle Beach Camp. A lot of my kids go to Cradle Beach and it's a really wonderful place with lots of different programs for kids who might not otherwise be able to go to camp whether it be for behavioral reasons or because of various disabilities or because of financial need. I know kids who look forward to their week there all year. They also have all kinds of really cool stuff all year round to help families with special needs kids. If you're ever looking for anywhere to donate time or money, I cannot say enough good things about them.

Annnnd that's all I got. More tonight.


Anne said...

that's the beauty of English syntax. Either sentence would be correct "pretty big guy" or "big pretty guy". Either way, I, too am impressed by Mancari's sudden coming of age. Wasn't he one of those "meh" players for so many years? Perhaps the fresh Atlantic Ocean air has improved his overall life? Maybe he had a crazy girlfriend in Rochester he's now free from. Whatever it is, I hope it takes.

Lee said...

A Musculoskeletal injury sounds like a made up injury that a bad guy in wrestling would make up in a storyline to avoid wrestling the good guy wrestler.

"Cena, I'd love to come down there and whoop your ass...if it just wasn't for this darn musculoskeletal injury. Sorry."

Zach said...

And just think, this time next week we get to see Boston again.

Jill said...

Musculoskeletal... means essentially the muscles and connective tissue... which I find odd in an athlete to be "injured"... I have musculoskeletal issues only because I have an auto-immune disorder that destroys my connective tissue. Maybe I should call Timmy and tell him to get tested.

amy said...

I think once we're done with November we only see Boston once or twice more. That's the silver lining to this whole situation.

I'm really interested in seeing how Roy responds to Lindy publicly throwing him under the bus. Will Roy have a great game or will he be lackadaisical and blame the groin for his woes?

Zach said...

The groin is the easiest thing to blame so that is probably what is going to happen. But I think a ride on the bench might be what he needs rather than a line demotion.

Heather B. said...

Amy, I'm actually really curious to see how Mr. I'm Not Playing that Badly reacts to Lindy's comments as well. I could really see it going either way - pouting and playing poorly or stepping up and kicking ass. If Derek doesn't respond well, I'm curious then to see how Lindy reacts. In that case, I agree with Zach, little Roy-Z needs a seat on the bench or in the press box, groin injury or no.

Jill, wow, maybe that's been Timmy's problem all along! He should get tested! :P (I promise I'm making light of that stupid report, not your condition.)

Erin said...

Hurry Heather!!! I need your soothing or not so soothing thoughts. Make a plan for our team, quick!!

Jill said...

Jill, wow, maybe that's been Timmy's problem all along! He should get tested! :P (I promise I'm making light of that stupid report, not your condition.)

I was poking fun at him too... it's kind of hard to portray in type. LOL!