Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Short and sweet Thanksgiving post.

I'm thankful to see these guys playing well again.

Hank and Roy-Z are two of my favorite players so seeing them finally play some good hockey was such a relief. The first goal was Hank to Stafford to Roy-Z and never have three guys needed a play like that more.

I'm also thankful to see a TBN columnist finally write a cranky column about the Sabres. Jerry Sullivan has a good point buried somewhere in that nonsense, I think, but he lost me the second he said the kids rode Chris Drury and Daniel Briere to the ECFs. Eff that. Yes, the kids are entitled and sometimes lazy. But they were entitled and sometimes lazy in 2006-2007 when The World's Greatest Hockey Players According To The Buffalo Media were sharing the C too. 23 and 48 were part of that particular legacy.

I'm not thankful for those Favorite Holiday Memory Car Commercials. The idea is cute and the big wheel one in particular brings back some memories. (My best friend Joel and I used to ride his big wheels down his driveway, through his backyard, through the backyard that joined his, down the hill of that house's front yard, across the street and into my front yard. Considering how fast we were moving by the time we crossed my street and considering that we crossed the street at the crest of a hill that a car couldn't see over top of, I'm surprised we're both still alive.) That said, I'm just not into the idea of leasing a car as a Christmas present. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart! Here's a pile of debt we probably didn't need!"

Before I head out, here's a heart-warming Thanksgiving story. (Adult language ahead.) The first year at my current job, we showed the kids A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. For those of you who haven't seen it in a while, the plot involves Peppermint Patty inviting herself and a couple of friends over to Charlie Brown's for Thanksgiving over Charlie Brown's mild protests that he had to be at his grandmother's house. He and Linus come up with the idea of having a pre-Thanksgiving meal for all the kids and for some reason, put Snoopy in charge of the meal. (Note to all parents and parents-to-be: Letting a bunch of kids and a dog work 50 toasters and the stove top by themselves is a CPS call waiting to happen.) Everyone sits down at the (ping-pong) table and Snoopy serves up the meal: toast, popcorn, jellybeans, pretzel sticks and some kind of ice-cream sundae. Peppermint Patty takes offense, demanding turkey and stuffing.

At this point, Dom*, 12, got a little upset. Dom was a tough-talking little guy who basically wandered the streets without supervision when he wasn't at school and he had a mouth on him unlike I've heard on very many kids since then. I loved him though. Five years later he's one of the kids I still think about and wonder about the most. Anyway, he doesn't like Peppermint Patty's attitude and lets us all know. "Oh, no, oh, no. That stupid, fucking bitch invites herself over to Charlie Brown's house and now she's gonna complain about the shit they feed her? I don't think so. Snoopy oughta bite that bitch right on the leg and then Charlie Brown should kick her whiny, complaining ass. You a bitch, Peppermint Patty! A bitch!" To which Matt adds, "Yeah! I'd love to have popcorn for Thanksgiving!" I died. I had to get on to Dom about his language but I was laughing while I did it because he was right and it was funny.

So happy Thanksgiving! Try not to be a whiny, complaining ass.

* - Kids' names have been changed.


Pookie said...

That story is TOO FUNNY! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Heather and Mark, from all of us at stately IPB Manor!

Vanek's Hair said...

Merry Thanksgiving from Vanek's Hair.

Jonathan said...

Did you see that game? Good win for Buffalo, but Crosby absolutely owned Miller in that game. Especially on that cute little flip-poke-poke-poke goal.

Nice game.